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Best 8 Van Trackers: Compare GPS Fleet Monitoring Providers

Fleet service operators need to be fully aware of the importance of GPS-tracking equipment. It’s impossible to envision the transportation industry without GPS tracking technology. In addition to tracking the trucks, GPS tracking systems improve driver safety, manage vehicle maintenance, and adhere to regulatory requirements. We’ve compiled a list of eight of the top vehicle trackers on the market to help you determine which would best match your needs.

1.  RAM Tracking

RAM Tracking van tracking system provides some of the most affordable prices on the market if you’re searching for a longer-term arrangement. Granted, it comes at the expense of features and privately held hardware, but RAM Tracking should satisfy all requirements for fleets of vans with more modest sizes.

According to, a federal site devoted to fuel economy, road rage behaviors like speeding can decrease gas mileage by 33% on highways and 5% in cities. Luckily, fuel management is a feature of RAM’s software that enables fleet managers to maximize fuel efficiency.

RAM Tracking

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Apart from price, RAM Tracker offers a few additional distinctive marketing features. For instance, it’s the only brand to provide a detailed cost savings report. Also, RAM Tracking is the only van monitoring system offering direct crash report data.

2.  Samsara – Vehicle Gateway

Samsara has developed a place in the transportation and logistics market, having been designated the second fastest-growing business in the Americas by the Financial Times and other comparable honors.

The Vehicle Gateway system includes a WiFi hotspot, engine diagnostics, advanced analytics, live GPS tracking, ELD capabilities, and many more features. As The Automobile Gateway is a tried-and-true product, everyone who has used it has been pleased.

3.  LandAirSea-54 GPS Tracker

When it comes to these essential monitoring gadgets, this is one of the most well-known brands, and it makes sense. This tracker features an entirely waterproof magnet mount and delivers worldwide coverage. It’s a 4G LTE real-time tracking gadget with geofencing, position reporting, and history playback capabilities.

This GPS tracker is not just a simple monitoring tool. Still, it also allows you to customize your settings. You get all the essential updates, such as proximity alerts and tracker movement notifications, via emails, texts, or even push notifications.

Thanks to all of those incredible features, you may rest easy knowing that your truck has a far higher chance of being recovered if something unfortunate happens.

LandAirSea-54 GPS Tracker

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4.  Spytec GPS Tracker

This GPS truck tracking system is among the quickest and simplest to use. When it comes to this critical and priceless equipment, this is one of the most well-liked brands, and it is easy to understand why.

Using its Android and iOS applications, it uses 4G satellite technology to get location notifications. With its user-friendly software, you can easily customize the boundaries and warnings and view speed, preliminary data, speed, distance, and more. You can even observe your truck tracker as it moves on a map.

Moreover, this Spytec GPS Tracker has a.256 millisecond processing time and a 99.99 percent uptime. Simply put, the cloud-based technology employed by this tracker can provide you with all the data you need at precisely the right time.

When picking a GPS tracker, size and adaptability are also crucial considerations. This one is one inch thick and has a two-week battery life. All you need to do to keep your vehicle safe is set up or activate your GPS tracker. Another benefit is the reasonable subscription rate.

5.  Tramigo T23 Fleet

More sophisticated fleets or those in service-based sectors might benefit significantly from the Tramigo T23 Fleet tracker. You can track and manage your fleet wherever they are, thanks to real-time reports delivered via superb software, which also offers TLD landmark data for times when mapping isn’t accessible.

With this platform, you can manage driver behavior, operate within routes, and use geofencing while receiving useful statistics on things like speeding and idling. The Tramigo T23 Fleet has no monthly or yearly costs. You only need to cover operator costs and data used to own the smartphone altogether.

6.  TrackPod

TrackPod is a low-cost, easy-to-install vehicle tracker. This tracker is excellent for people who wish to follow personal automobiles or organizations with small fleets.

TrackPod provides basic tracking capabilities that may be tailored to any company’s needs; however, if you run a fleet and want to maximize the cost-saving benefits of vehicle tracking devices, a more complex tracker is advised.

With no upfront costs and only $1 per tracker daily, this car tracker is a highly cost-effective alternative, particularly for companies considering the money saved on gasoline, reduced insurance rates, etc.


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7.  Securatrak Geotab G07

This GPS monitoring gadget, a market leader in Australia, provides outstanding and diversified features with the backing of a well-known brand. The device is simple to install, either in the vehicle’s OBD port or hardwired, and it can be quickly scaled, making it useful for various fleets.

With pinpoint precision and cutting-edge technology utilizing the Australian Telstra Next G and Iridium Satellite Networks, functionality is essential. The link to the MyGeotab site, which has a user-friendly interface and allows you to track and analyze real-time and recorded data for both driver and vehicle performance, is a critical component of the Securatrak Geotab G07 device.

8.  TrackmateGPS Dash T11 4G/LTE Tracker

Trackmate GPS features a 4G/LTE connection service that will keep you up to current on the vehicle’s whereabouts at all times. As a result, it would be an excellent alternative for retrieving lost automobiles, tracking teenagers, or tracking drivers. Install this GPS tracker in a rental vehicle to quickly examine real-time driving information.

Furthermore, you can remotely turn off the engine and lock/unlock the doors. The batteries that come with Trackmate have a six-hour runtime. Applications that track location history, provide alarms, and let you print or email information for records are simple to install on mobile devices.

Due to its small size and portability (3.9 x 3.6 x 1.25 inches), it’s pretty practical. In addition, it offers continual roadside support in the event of an engine breakdown, fuel problems, or battery problems. With its five distinct cost-effective options, TrackmateGPS is the most inexpensive method to GPS track a vehicle.

TrackmateGPS Dash T11 4G/LTE Tracker

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Final Thoughts

It is abundantly evident that GPS truck tracking systems are an excellent choice for enhancing security in your already hectic life. In the event of theft, they can unquestionably assist you in maintaining tabs on your vehicle (or perhaps a fleet of trucks) and any items involved.

Your tracker achieves this by informing you of its whereabouts. It’s pointless to be concerned about your vehicle when you’re always up to date. Hopefully, the information above regarding our top eight GPS truck tracking devices will assist you in selecting the finest device for your needs.

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