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This 21st century is all about being on social or rather virtual media. Virtual media platforms have become the most popular space for different generations. Kids, especially the adolescent ones always have their eyes on the mobile screen. They are always scrolling down news feeds and notifications. One such popular social media platform is Instagram.

Instagram is a very popular audio-visual media that people of all ages would have access to. But, just as with everything, social media also have both good and bad things together. Hence it is important to have parents’ discretion. For this, Picuki is the perfect app everyone should know about.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a software application that helps to get access to Instagram. The most helpful feature of this app is it can make people access the platform without an account. Picuki will let the user search for any profile on Instagram, without having an account of their own. They can also edit, and download photos and videos from the platform.

It is a direct Instagram viewer and editor. Through this platform, one can browse as well as edit all the features of Instagram. Picuki is free of cost app. It is also possible to find profile posts through popular ‘# or hashtags’. The user interface of the app is very easy.

Related Terms: The initial and authentic term is Picuki. But there are some other terms as well used by the users. These are- Picucki, Pickuki, Pucuki, and more.

Technical Details:

The platform that hosts Picuki is the AS14061 Digital Ocean in LLC. The location of the server is in Clifton, New Jersey in the US. It is most popular for the publication of articles on Instagram.

Review of

Picuki Instagram came into existence on 21st November. The Registrar of this app is NameCheap Inc. The initial names of this website are- and

Picuki, after the grand launch, has become one of the most searched platforms. The global rank of Picuki is 3429 according to Alexa.

IP Address: (New Jersey, Clifton, US)

Server Location of the Portal: 40.8344,-74.1377

Most of the traffic on this platform comes from keywords search. The most popular keywords are- Picuki.Com, Picuki.Com for the Picuki, etc, and more. It has come into competition with the other most popular searches. These are Bing, Google, and other search engines.

Basic and Important features of Picuki

Picuki is one of the most popular searched web portals. It has some characteristics-

a) Access without Account:

The user does not even need to have an account to have access to Picuki. Through Picuki, they can also use Instagram and other social media platforms.

b) Free of Cost tool:

One can have full access to this site without registration. No registration or subscription fees as well. The only way it makes money is through Google AdSense ads.

c) Unlimited Usage:

There is no restricted bandwidth on the usage of this platform. One has the freedom of watching and downloading photos and videos. They can also browse and explore tags, followers, and stories in an unlimited manner.

d) User-friendly Interface (UI):

Picuki needs nothing special for use. The easiest UI makes it more popular even amongst the nuance users. One can have access to it through popular search engines like Google Chrome, Safari, and more. Any electronic device that has a stable internet connection can access Picuki.

e) Money Earning Platform:

There is a possibility that one can also earn money from this free app. For that, one needs to turn the Picuki web tool into a mobile app. This is possible by getting permission from the Picuki API. After embedding Picuki API on mobile apps, the user can earn money from Google Ads or any other ad networks.

f) Update Information:

This app keeps the user updated about all the new features coming on Instagram. The notifications are mostly on top Instagram posts, hashtags, etc.

User Guide for Picuki Application:

Here we will provide a step-to-step guide for accessing each feature.

a) Browsing Instagram Profile: Following Steps:

i) You need to open Picuki at the website.

ii) Write the username in the search bar you want to search for and press enter.

iii) Choose from the list and get free access to the account.

NB: Just the public profiles are possible to access through this platform

b) Browsing Tags and Posts: Following steps:

i) Open the Picuki from the browser.

ii) Click on the search bar.

iii) Type your favorite Instagram Hashtag in the search bar and press enter.

iv) A list of results will appear. Choose your favorite tag from there.

v) This would expose you to more of the related tags you might find interesting.

c) Editing Instagram Photos: Following Steps:

i) First, open the app in the web browser or on your device.

ii) Search and find the profile you are willing to browse.

iii) In the feed wall of the account, press hold on the picture you want to edit.

iv) A list will appear; press edit from there.

v) Now you will be able to edit the picture as per your choice.

d) Downloading Instagram Photos and Videos: Following steps:

i) Open the app from the respective browser.

ii) Search for the profile with the name in the search bar and press the search sign.

iii) Next press and hold on to the picture or video from the feed wall of the profile.

iv) A list of options would pop up; select ‘download’ from there.

v) And the picture or video is on your device.

e) Visiting Instagram Stories without Trace: Following steps:

i) Open the Picuki Instagram application from your browser.

ii) Next, open the profile you want to check.

iii) Click on the stories of the profile.

iv) Choose the story you want to see and click on it.

v) The owner would have no idea about your visit to their profile.

f) Viewing Trends on Instagram: Following steps:

i) After opening Instagram through the Picuki app, click on the trending button. It is on the top right corner of the page.

ii) This will expose you to all the top trends and stories in the app.

Proxy Sites for Picuki Instagram alternatives:

Like Picuki, there are many proxy or alternative sites. These also use the Application Programming Interface (API). They also are efficient in gathering information from social media platforms like Instagram. Then they transform it into the database.

Some alternative sites of picuki are:

a) InstaDP

b) Storiesdown

c) Gramhir

d) Fullinsta

e) Watchinsta

Picuki Privacy Guide: Picuki is a very authentic website that the user can 100% believe. It has some privacy guides that keep the user safe.

Stalking: Picuki does not need any official account on Instagram to have access. You can enter Instagram profiles, and stalk and follow people without their knowledge. One can use common hashtags like #InstaStalk to get better access as anonymous.

Anonymity: Picuki is confidential and anonymous.

i) It does not need an Instagram account for access.

ii) Log in is not necessary at all.

iii) One does not even have an account in Picuki for access as well.

iv) The account holder would have no idea who is visiting the content of the account.

v) Also, it does not store any data in the history.


1) Is Picuki safe to use?

Ans: Picuki needs no personal information for access. It is a free site. Hence it is safe to use.

2) Can I block anyone on Instagram by using

Ans: Yes. Through Picuki, you can block someone on Instagram. First, go with profile of the person. Then on the top left, there is a three-dot drop-down button. Click on it and select the ‘block’ button.

3) Can we have access to Private Instagram profiles through Picuki?

Ans: No. It is not possible through Picuki to have access to any private Instagram account. Through some YouTuber hacks, you might get access to.

4) Is Picuki a legal site?

Ans: No legislation stops anyone to download content from Instagram. Hence, Picuki is legal.

5) What are the limitations of Picuki?

Ans: Though there are many advantages of Picuki, there are some limitations as well. One cannot comment or like posts on Instagram. One also cannot follow someone. You cannot adjust any profile. None can create a new post on any account through this site. None can get any access to private profiles.


Having access to social media is an amazing advantage. People get to know everything through this. But this also has a dark side as well. The parents should surveillance of the activities of their children on social media. Picuki is a perfect incognito app. Through this one can follow the overall activities of any public profile.

Disclaimer:- This article is for educational purposes. It neither supports nor promotes piracy.

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