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Best Hacks To Upgrade Your Hiring Process In 2022

Recruitment is one of an HR manager’s prime functions, influencing a company’s future growth. Therefore, the process quality should be emphasized rather than any other thing. Just creating a hiring sign is not enough, but a strategic approach should be implemented to drive better results.

Hiring professionals spend hours and hours searching and shortlisting suitable resumes, calling candidates to give job descriptions, and inviting them for interviews. After all the interview rounds and the selection process, negotiating salaries with them, the list repeats. So, we can say that recruiters spend almost 80% of their time doing these tasks.

A recruiter has various duties other than candidate screening & interviewing; he has to identify the company’s staffing needs, act as a communication channel between top-level management and candidates and improve the employer’s brand. Furthermore, hiring professionals also create and execute strategies to enhance the candidate experience. But spending a lot of acquiring candidates, how can he manage to perform other tasks? Therefore, here mentioned are some valuable hacks that can help to drive better results.

Top Helpful Hacks

Develop An Effective Strategy And Process Structure

Strategies make a process easily achievable with efficient results. Therefore, a hiring strategy can help your business get skillful employees with less effort. For that, you should evaluate the current process stages first.

The following tips can help you craft a better strategy:

  • Set an adequate goal that aligns with the company objectives
  • Predict the future staff needs
  • Get a clear understanding of the candidates you want to hire in the company
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of sourcing and make strategies
  • Evaluate the selection process and try to make improvements every time

The unorganized hiring process requires much time and effort, and the possibility of getting skilled employees is also less. An effective strategy solutionizes this and improves outputs. It saves time so that managers can focus on the process quality.

Nowadays, recruiters prefer background checks before sending appointment letters to check whether the applicant’s data is accurate or not. It helps to get a true picture of the candidate’s profile. Therefore, strategies and modern practices help recruiters acquire excellent applicants and focus on candidate experience.

Automate The Process

As previously said, the hiring process may take a lot of executives’ time, so they wouldn’t be able to focus on other essential things. Therefore, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with technology to execute repetitive tasks efficiently. Automation tools assist recruiters in various ways so that they can save time and energy.

Automation can be partial or complete, depending on the company size and staffing needs. Partial includes video interviews in which recruiters leverage virtual communication channels to make the interviews fast-paced. In addition, some executives use scheduling software to manage their interviews and availability.

The process can be entirely automated with applicant tracking systems which assist managers from screening applicants to selecting them based on their performance & skills. Digital tools assist you in monitoring the current stage of every applicant and determining further steps to take.

Get Your Foot In The Door With Recruitment Marketing

A hiring professional must evaluate the company image to know what the candidates think when they hear the employer’s name. It gives a clear overview of the business’s grip in the market as an employer.

If you are not able to attract applicants through different efforts, it means there is not sufficient recognition the business is getting. Therefore, you should first centralize the focus on establishing a compelling employer brand and promoting your openings.

Recruitment marketing makes the company goals and culture visible to the applicant, and it clearly outlines the benefits of working in a particular company. So, the candidates find it appealing and apply for the job role, and the hiring professional gets numerous applications to select from.

Build A Talent Pool

An employer brand works for your hiring process to get more and more candidates; similarly, the talent pool is a resource that provides skilled applicants. It is a list of people you can contact once a specific job vacancy happens in your company. These people already have the required skill sets, making the process easier and quicker.

Usually, recruiters add candidates who previously applied for a job role. They also consider referred candidates and applicants who hold expert knowledge of a particular field. All the persons listed in the talent pool might have every required skill and probably experience also, so the workload of the recruiter gets reduced. And the company can hire top talent.

Be Open To Give Or Receive Feedback

Candidate experience must be a priority for a hiring professional. In order to improve any process, you should be open to feedback, so gathering candidate feedback can help to know what they feel about the business; it indicates the areas that need improvements.

According to LinkedIn, around 79.2% of organizations ask their candidates to give feedback at some point during the recruiting process. Companies try to make their hiring process more smoother with time, and they achieve this by listening to candidates. Their feedback might outline something unique for your business to implement, and that too without spending any extra penny.

In the same manner, the candidates also want feedback from the employer’s side to get their self-development. Rejecting applicants doesn’t mean that you should leave them without providing feedback; constructive feedback can help them improve their profile and skills. Feedback from the recruiter’s side works best for establishing an authoritative place as an employer. It leaves a positive impact on candidates’ minds.

If an applicant gets rejected for your business but receives feedback that helped him in improving his profile and getting a job in another company, then he will indeed consider your company for employment opportunities in the future.

Maintain Communication And Avoid Ghosting Candidates

The persons who have applied for job roles in your company might be waiting or following up for your reply. They might be starving to know the application status and progress so that they can take further steps. If they do not get replies on time, they might disengage and apply for another opportunity. Clear communication is the main key to keeping the applicants engaged and maintaining the transparency of the process.

According to Greenhouse, around 75% of job seekers said that a prospective employer had ghosted them after initial interview rounds. This creates dissatisfaction in job seekers and highly affects the company’s image. Therefore, you should try to maintain crystal clear communication with all candidates; they deserve to know the results.

Applicants who had a bad experience with an employer might not apply to another opening in the future. Additionally, they might discourage others from applying for that role, so the communication needs to be emphasized by hiring professionals.


As businesses are constantly growing, their staffing needs are also skyrocketing. Nowadays, almost every company uses innovation frameworks for their business growth; similarly, recruiters also leverage them to drive effective results. Modern hiring practices do not just focus on filling the vacancies, but they also emphasize excelling at candidate experience and employer brand. HR managers tend to craft sustainable strategies to achieve long-term success and results.

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