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8 Natural Ways To Kill The Bugs At Home [Solved 2022]

How to remove bugs from house? Kill bugs without any tools !!

The main reason the bugs enter the house is due to faults in some of the parts of the home. The bugs can enter the home from the defective doors, the issues in the plumbing network, cracks in the foundation, walls, wooden flooring, and kitchen.

Most of the time the reason is the unhygienic place and untidiness. While using the different amenities such as the kitchen, and forgetting to clean it though, the unnecessarily stored water in the home, not taking any kind of preventive measure in the home.

The bugs might not be big in size but can do excessive damage to the home. All bugs will start from a small scale and then expand their network in the whole home. You don’t need to change the house or have to spend lots of bucks for it, with some homemade solution and the sprays the house can be bug-free.

The Flies and Mosquitoes

If you have a small garden outside your home near the window and forgot to close the window during the evening time then the mosquitoes will enter in bulk, the stored still water will increase the number of the mosquitoes of the bugs.

To kill the bugs, you need oil and water. Mix both well and then spray it to the leaves of the plants. This will take up to two weeks but after that, the mosquitoes will not move to your home.

The Ants

The ants usually enter the home through the ground or the foundation level. The ants will damage the structure of the home. To kill the bugs, you will need red or black pepper. First use the red or black on the ant hole, after a while seal the holes with white cement to prevent the future attack.

The Spiders

To bug fix spider attacks at home, you will need either vinegar or citrus. You can either spray it or apply it directly and after that clean the surrounding area.

The cockroaches

To kill the bugs like cockroaches who hide in the depths, take the cooking oil and syrup mix both well then paint the mix in the whole area to stop them. After this continues for a week the home will be bug-free.

The Fleas

To kill the bugs, you will need salt, sprinkle the salt in the area of the fleas, the fleas will no longer expand from there. Continue this process for the next couple of days. On the other hand, do the vacuuming after an hour of spring leaf water so the bugs can be removed easily.

The Bees

To keep the plant, the bees free, sprinkle the basil around it and the bugs will not intrude more after that. If you have other pets like dogs and cats you don’t have to worry about them, basil is safe.

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Bed Bugs

To get rid of the bed bugs you will need to put in some extra effort. Clean the mattress and sofa cover with warm water and dry either over the sun or with the machine. Make sure you change the mattresses from time to time and also clean the non-reachable areas behind the beds and sofa by shifting the position for the complete removal of the bed bugs.


If you find the roaches, kill the bugs as you see, the roaches will eat anything from your home.

To make sure they are not damaging food, make small balls of boric acid, flour and sugar. The sugar will attract the roaches and then the roaches will kill the bugs.

At last, there are lots of sprays available in the market to kill all kinds of bugs. Those sprays are not completely safe and also not good for the health of the kids and other pets in the home.

If the problem is at some scale, then you aren’t required to spend the bucks for pest control. Just use these remedies at an early stage and clean the house at least once a week.

If you have cracks or holes in the flooring, walls, or foundation, seal all the gaps after taking care of the bugs, otherwise, the bugs will find another way to enter the house.

Nonetheless, clean the pipes, refrigerators, air conditioners, water cooler, excessive sprinkled water in the flower pots, and clean all the places also to avoid the attack of the mosquitoes.

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