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Does Salt Kill Termites? [What Type of Salt Kill Termites?]

You should keep in mind that if termites have invaded your home, any time-consuming method will only make your problem worse.

Many natural methods of killing termites are told by people. All-natural methods work on termites, but they all have their limitations, some have great impact and some are less effective. Salt is one of these natural methods.

Now you must be thinking that does salt really work on termites or how effective it is on termites?

Salt does kill termites but it has some limitations. Termites try to avoid salt because they do not find cellulose in it. And salt only works when termites ingest it, I will tell you how to use it smartly so that termites ingest it and you get positive results.

Also, I will tell you what kind of salt effectively kill termites and where it will have great efficacy.

Before that, you must know how does salt kills termites and how long it takes.

How Does Salt Kill Termites and How Long It Takes?

The salt contains sodium and chloride which absorb the fluids from the termite’s body when they ingest it, causing its body to become dehydrated, leading to the death of the termite.

No natural method works on termites immediately, they take some time. Salt is also not an instant termite killer, it takes 24 to 48 hours to kill termites.

How quickly a termite will be killed by salt also depends on how much salt it has ingested. But once ingested, the termite definitely dies.

You should keep in mind that salt can only kill visible termites, their colonies are difficult to reach. Because their colonies are hidden far from the infested place.

Salt also does not work on all types of termite infestations. It can work on infestations that are not widespread. Let me tell you where it works and where it doesn’t.

What Type of Termite Infestation Does Salt Work On?

All-natural methods are effective at different levels as per the type of infestation you are facing. You cannot use salt to treat plants or soil, it will dehydrate the plants and eventually kill them.

If the termite infestation is on plants, the best natural method is baking soda. Its nature is mild, due to which it does not harm plants and effectively kills termites.

Now you must be wondering whether salt can be used on wood or not? Because termite infestation spreads the most on it.

You cannot use rock salt or normal cooking salt on wood or furniture infestations. Because when the water dries up from it, later the salt crystals get absorbed in the fibers of the wood and damage it.

If you want to fight termite infestation on wood, then you can use borate salt, it is a wood preservative and does not damage the wood as well as is great for killing termites.

Although normal salt methods do not get rid of a large number of termites, I will tell you a method that you can use to kill a large number of termites and even kill many hidden termites with salt.

But before that, I would like to tell you which type of salt you should use for termites.

Type of Salt That Kill Termites:

A lot of people ask me if Epsom salt kills termites, so I would like to say that Epsom salt is equally effective on termites as table salt. You can inject them into mud tubes or holes in walls, floors or ceilings.

But if the termite infestation is in furniture or timber I would recommend you avoid using both. Because salt crystals penetrate the wood fibers and weaken them which eventually damages the wood.

For wood infestations, it is best to use borate salt or you can also use boric acid, both methods can kill the termites hidden anywhere in the wood as they are completely absorbed in the wood fibers and when termites ingest it, they die within 2 to 3 days.

Borate salt and boric acid both are wood preservatives so they do not damage any kind of wood.

You might be thinking that normal cooking salt is not very effective but I will now tell you a method by which you can kill a large number of termites even using normal cooking salt.

We’re not going to do any magic, we’re just going to use salt water with a cardboard bait. So let’s talk about how to use salt effectively on termites.

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How to Use Salt to Kill Termites/ Best Method:

People usually mix salt with water and inject it into termite holes or mud tubes. This method works but does not kill the termites in large quantities.

Because termites avoid it easily as they do not get cellulose in it. And until the termites do not ingest it, they will not die. They die from it only when it sticks to their body and they ingest it while cleaning it.

I would not recommend this method to you at all because where you ingest it, that place will get salt stains which can spoil the beauty of your home.

The best way to use salt on termites is to use it with cardboard bait. It will not ruin the beauty of walls or ceilings while killing termites in large quantities.

Step 1: First of all, you have to heat the water and at the same time pour salt in it, keep in mind that the more salt the better it is, but it should be completely dissolved in the water. Now soak the cardboard strips in this salt water and place it where you suspect the termites to be.

Step 2: Keep in mind that these cardboard baits do not dry and keep moistening them with salt water from time to time several times a day. After 48 hours you will see that many termites have accumulated on those cardboard baits and are also eating the cardboard and taking them to their colony.

Step 3: When they eat this wet cardboard or take it to their colony, the hidden termites will also eat it and die. In 3 to 4 days you will see that the termites are completely gone.

Despite this, if termites are coming, it means that the termite infestation has been widespread. It generally happens when termites reach your walls structure or ceilings.


Question 1: Can I use Epsom Salt for termites?

Answer: Yes, you can use Epsom salt on termite infestation, its effect is exactly the same as that of table salt, there is not much difference in the effect of both.

Question 2: Can I Use Normal Table Salt for Termite Infestations on Wood?

Answer: You should never use cooking salt on wood infestations because when it dries, it absorbs moisture into the wood fibers and weakens the wood. You can instead use borate salt, it penetrates into the heart of the wood and kills almost all the hidden termites.

Question 3: Can salt water be used in mud tubes or pinholes caused by termites?

Answer: Many people do this but I do not recommend it for two reasons, firstly this method does not kill hidden termites and secondly it causes stubborn stains to the place where you apply it.

Question 4: How long does salt takes to kill termites?

Answer: When the termite ingests the salt, it dehydrates its body so that termite dies within two to three days.

Question 5: What is the best effective way to kill termites with salt?

Answer: You can use salt with cardboard. You have to moisten the cardboard with warm salt water and place it where you suspect the termites. Under 48 hours you will see termites have accumulated on your baits and eating that salty cardboard or taking it to their colony. This method will kill even hidden termites.

Question 6: Can Salt Kill flying Termites or swarmers?

Answer: Yes, it can but it will take time. And the swarmers need to be killed instantly as they spread the infestation fast. You can use Terro for an instant solution.


In the end, I would like to say that salt does kill termites. But if you use it with a cardboard bait then it will prove to be more effective.

Many people mistakenly use salt or saltwater on wood, plants, and soil, which not only damages your plants but also the wood badly.

Boric salt or boric acid are both very effective if you want to treat the termites in wood. Normal cooking salt should never be used on wood, plants, or soil.

I like the use of salt on termites. Because it is natural and does not harm children, pets, or hummus in any way. But still, I would not call it a very effective natural method.

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