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Does Boric Acid Kill Termites? How to Use This Effectively?

People have been using boric acid for termite control for a long time, but it is not necessary for everyone to get results. Because people do not know the art of using it properly.

A lot of people ask me does boric acid really kill termites?

So my only answer is that all-natural methods work on termites, only it is important to know where to use them and how to use them properly.

Many people consider both borax and boric acid to be the same, while there is a lot of difference between the two. We will also find out the difference.

In this termite control guide, you will get answers to the following questions:

  1. What is Boric Acid and how it is different from Borax?
  2. How Effective is Boric Acid for Termites?
  3. How to Effectively Kill Termites with Boric Acid?
  4. FAQ’s
  5. Conclusion

Lets’s start with the introduction of Boric Acid.

What is Boric Acid and How It is Different from Borax Powder?

Boric acid is a natural compound made of oxygen, boron, and hydrogen. It is found in different types of plants, soil and water, rocks, and even in animals. It is water-soluble in nature.

Boric acid is used in many ways, such as as a pesticide to kill termites, cockroaches, and flies, in the field of homeopathy to manufacture medicines for a variety of infections, in the maintenance of swimming pools, and for house cleaning. It has many other uses also.

Uses of Boric Acid

Many times people ask me can we use borax instead of boric acid for termites? Or are these two the same or different?

The major difference is that borax is mainly used in cleaning products and boric acid is used in chemical products.

If we talk in the form of a pesticide, then boric acid is a very effective pesticide. Although borax powder also kills termites, it is not a pesticide.

How Effective is Boric Acid for Termites?

You must note that Boric Acid is a natural non-repellent termite killer. When termites ingest boric acid, it produces a kind of poison in the termite’s body and when the termite goes to its colony, it transfers the poison to the rest of the members while sharing food. This is how you can eliminate the entire colony of termites with boric acid.

Boric acid is many times better than other natural methods for termite control as it is non-repellent. But one drawback of boric acid is that if your plants have a termite infestation, you cannot use it on them as it kills plants because it is abrasive.

If you want to get rid of termites from plants then one and only natural method is baking soda. Baking soda is mild in nature and kills termites on plants effectively.

With boric acid, you can completely eliminate termites hidden anywhere within 3-7 days, but you should know how to use it effectively? So let me now tell you how you can effectively get rid of termites with the help of boric acid.

How to Effectively Kill Termites with Boric Acid?

Everyone will tell you only two ways to kill termites with boric acid, first is spraying it in powder form, and secondly by dissolving it with water and making a spray of it.

But there is one more effective method that very few people know, in this method we use boric acid with propylene glycol to remove termites from timber or wood structures.

I will explain to you all the three methods step-by-step.

1. Using Boric Acid in Powder Form:

This method of boric acid is used outdoor. For this, you will need a powder sprayer which you will get easily from Amazon. Let me tell you to step by step how to do it.

Step 1: You will first need boric acid, powder sprayer, dust mask, and goggles.

Step 2: Now mark the places where you suspect the termite’s nesting.

Stp: 3: In step 3 you have to read all the manufacturer’s instructions and fill the boric acid in the powder sprayer. Keep in mind that you wear goggles and a dust mask first. Now spray it wherever you have marked.

As soon as termites ingest the powder, It spreads poison in the termite’s body and when they share the food with the rest of the members they transfer this poison among all. It will kill the entire termite colony within 5 to 7 days.

2. Using Boric Acid With Water and Cardboard Bait:

This method is used for indoor termite infestations. And can be used in two ways. The first is like a spray by mixing boric acid in the water, the second with a cardboard bait. I will tell you the steps of both.

Using Boric Acid with Water:

Step 1: First of all, you have to mix 1 teaspoon of boric acid in one cup of warm water. Pour it in a clean spray bottle and shake it until the boric acid perfectly dissolves in the water.

Step 2: Now wherever you suspect the termites, spray it on those areas.

Stp3: Do it 3-4 times a day. And after 5-7 days, observe those treated places, if you still see termites then let me tell you what you have to do now.

This method alone is not effective because it dries very quickly on walls, timber, ceilings, or floors. To make it more effective you have to use this method with cardboard baits.

Using Boric Acid with Cardboard Bait:

cardboard bait

Step 1: First of all you have to take some flat cardboard strips which have to be soaked in the above-mentioned water and boric acid solution.

Step 2: Now keep these wet cardboard baits at the place where you suspect termites, do not let these cardboard baits dry, and keep wetting them 4-5 times a day for 7 days.

Stp 3: In 48 to 72 hours you will see that all the remaining termites are deposited on these baits. Leave these baits for 7 days and keep wetting them.

Stp 4: In such a situation these termites will eat it and poison will spread in their body, which they will transfer to the entire colony while sharing food with other members. You will see the entire colony is finished within 7 days.

Using Boric Acid with Propylene Glycol:

I find this method 100 times better than all other methods. This method should be used when the termite is in the timber or has infested the wood structure of the walls or ceiling.

The methods described above for boric acid do not work as effectively on timber or on walls as they cannot penetrate deeply.

When a termite is in a wooden structure, it eats the wood fiber and it becomes difficult to penetrate the boric acid to the fiber, so glycol is used with boric acid. The glycol helps the solution penetrate into the wood and become a part of the wood fiber. This solution is an amazing treatment.

Let me tell you the steps, how you can apply this method:

Step 1: You need 180 grams of boric acid, water, and 1 liter of propylene glycol, a saucepan, and a large paintbrush.

Step 2: Pour 1 liter of propylene glycol into the saucepan. Then dissolve 180 grams of boric acid in the propylene glycol at 25 degrees.

Stp 3: Now pour around 200 grams of solution into a bowl and add 200ml of water and dilute it further. Apply a thick coating all over the wood with a brush.

Believe me, this is an amazing way to get rid of termites entered into the wood structures or wood fibers.


Question 1: Can we use boric acid on termites in plants?

Answer: No, as boric acid is abrasive in nature it will kill plants. The best natural method to kill termites on plants is baking soda, it is mild in nature and kills almost all the termites on plants.

Question 2: Does boric acid kill termites in wood?

Answer: Yes, it can kill termites in wood but you have to combine it with propylene glycol to penetrate better as glycol gets mixed with fibers and when termites ingest it, the poison spreads in their body and they die.

Question 3: Is Boric acid natural or synthetic?

Answer: Boric acid is 100% natural and is mined from the earth. It is also found in plants, soil, water, and rocks.

Question 4: Is Boric Acid Safe for Humans and Pets?

Answer: Although boric acid is up to 100% natural, it is still not completely safe for humans and pets. Since boric acid is abrasive in nature, it can cause problems like skin irritation and can be more fatal if ingested.

Question 5: How Effective is Boric Acid for Subterranean termites?

Answer: Boric acid effectively kills all types of termites be it subterranean termites, dry wood termites, or damp wood termites.

Question 6: Does orthoboric acid kill termites?

Answer: Yes, orthoboric acid kills termites. There is no difference between boric acid and orthoboric acid as both are the same.

Question 7: Does boric acid attract termites?

Answer: Boric acid does not alone attract termites. It attracts termites with used with cardboard bait.


Boric acid is a very cheap and effective way to get rid of termites. I find this method more effective than other natural methods because it is a non-repellent natural method that has the ability to kill even hidden termites.

In this article, I have shared with you three to four ways to use boric acid effectively, all four methods are effective but the glycol method with boric acid is the best. It is best to kill hidden termites in timber, walls, or ceilings.

There are only two drawbacks of boric acid. First, it is a bit slow and works slowly secondly you cannot use it on plants or garden infestations as it is abrasive and can damage the plants.

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