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Best Live TV Streaming Services of 2022

Most cable TV users are jumping on the live streaming bandwagon now. Certain providers stand out in this competition with their top-notch customer support services as they focus on customer satisfaction. This is the reason users don’t hesitate to subscribe to HughesNet internet, knowing that its reliable customer support service will always come to the rescue in case of any problem or query.

At it counts. A steady and reliable internet connection means a buffer-free streaming experience. Once you have sound internet access, you are all set to enjoy the live streaming world. The fact is that when it comes to cheaper costs and greater flexibility, live TV streaming seems to be the winner.

We are living in a fast-paced world and everything is on the go. So when it comes to entertainment, nobody has time to stop and sit by or wait for their favorite show to be aired. Viewers are busy, and impatient, and look for quick access. It’s 2 a.m. and if you want to watch FRIENDS for some good dose of laughter, you can get it with online streaming.

You can tune to HBO Max and binge-watch your favorite episodes, after all, we all have our favorite FRIENDS moments that always lift our moods. With the cord-cutting trend on the rise, most cable and satellite TV providers are opting for live TV streaming to get rid of their hefty monthly cable bills. Do you feel confused about which live streaming service to choose? Well, fret no more, we have it all covered here. Dive in to find out:

Factors to consider while choosing a Live Streaming Service

  • Cost

For most of the cord-cutters, the main reason involved in taking this decision is price. Live streaming services offer a much cheaper medium of catching up with all the TV entertainment with much more affordability and convenience. You know your monthly bill. And there are no contracts required in the case of most of the streaming services.

  • Channel list

The best part is that you can have access to all the channels you love. Another reason behind cutting the cord is that you are not paying money for tons of channels you do not watch at all.

  • Offerings and Features

The storage offered by the cloud DVR and the multiple screen options is some attractive features of live TV streaming services. These are often ignored by cable providers.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu +Live TV is another top recommendation as one of the best live TV streaming platforms for 2022. You can enjoy a good combination of local channels along with your favorite cable TV channels in one place. Its on-demand service allows you to access any of the other popular channels you enjoy watching, in addition to the local channels. Moreover, Hulu users can also watch ESPN+ and Disney+ now.

Sling TV

Sling TV is also a popular platform for live TV with its attractive Sling Blue and Sling Orange plans. You may not be able to access the local TV channels so it is recommended that you get a digital antenna for that. If you do not seek tons and tons of channels, but only your favorites then Sling TV is a good choice at a much reasonable monthly cost.


It is a top recommendation for sports lovers since it has a lot in store for them. It offers two main packages and watches sports live. Though you will find a strong list of sports channels, you also get to enjoy other channels too, including Food Network, Discovery, FOX News, etc. So if you have sports fanatics in the house, then fuboTV should be a preference.

YouTube TV

IF you are asking yourself if YouTube TV is worth it, then it is for the reasonable price you will be paying monthly. You get to enjoy unlimited DVR storage and multiple streams. The good news for sports lovers is that most of the sports channels are available here to watch all your favorite matches. You can also sign for a free trial before subscribing to any of the paid plans for more surety.


The aforementioned list gives an overview of some of the best live TV streaming platforms cord-cutters should consider for a subscription.

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