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Why Dual SIM Phones Are a Great Choice for Australia?

Dual-SIM phones are devices to place two SIMs in two separate spaces on mobile at once. These phones are top-rated now. Due to advances in technology, you can switch between two SIMs to call and text. You can choose between two SIMs to use, one as a personal number and the other as an official number. You do not need to carry two mobile phones all the time. And lock one network to avoid unnecessary calls in your time. This dual SIM provides excellent flexibility, and you can get the most out of the two SIMs plans. You could enjoy international calls from one SIM and calls and texts at a cheaper rate from another SIM.

An eSIM is a pre-install SIM in a cell phone furnished with one alongside the cell phone. You cannot remove it; you need to purchase plans to make the SIM work. Few flagship mobile phones are designed to have one physical SIM and one eSIM in separate slots.

Advantages of Dual SIM phones in Australia

There are some manufacturers of Dual Sim phones in Australia. But they are still not so prominent in the market. The telephone companies fear selling dual SIM phones because they fear customers using competitive networks. But still, dual SIMs are an excellent choice for Australians.

You are not locked to a particular number:

Dual-SIM phones are not always designed with two eSIMs. It is your independent decision to go with any two of your favorite networks.

Separate your work from the play:

You can choose to have SIM cards for your different agendas. These Dual SIM devices are manufactured to let you know through which line or network your call or text is coming. You can keep one SIM as your number while another you can use as an official number.

Manageable reimbursed phone call bills:

If you use two SIMs in a phone, you can get easy reimbursement for your office phone calls. You do not need to highlight your office calls from the total bill to get the refund.

More coverage:

Using two SIMs in a phone would provide a complete range of the network. In an emergency or where the network is out of range, you could rely on your second SIM, giving you the coverage to get out of any situation.


Dual SIMprovides double storage. You do not need to worry about the space crunch for any file you want to store. You can also use one SIM as a backup for storage.

International calls without switching SIM:

with the Dual SIM concept, you do not have to change SIM every time you make international calls. You can keep a travel SIM and your regular SIM to make a call as soon as you step off the plane.

Never miss a call:

You could never miss a call with dual SIM phones. If you are on one call through one network still, you can receive other calls and texts through another network.

Make the most of two different deals:

when you get an excellent value for calls and texts from one network and another that provides a great deal for data, you can purchase both plans and enjoy the most benefits.

Cheaper rate overseas:

You can opt for having a travel SIM and recharging it with a more reasonable rate for calls, data, and texts when you are overseas. It would cost you less than renewing your local network.


People in Australia choose Dual SIM phones over single SIM phones for the reasons mentioned above. They find two SIM concepts in a single mobile phone are more advantageous in maintaining personal and public life. This can make their life easier to handle the number of calls and texts. They can put one network on airplane mode to enjoy their mobile-free life while still accessing the calls and texts during emergencies from another network. This may cost you a little more than maintaining a single SIM, but it is worth having dual SIM phones.

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