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Do Flying Termites Eat Wood? [How to Get Rid of Them?]

Flying termites, also known as swarmers, belong to a species of subterranean or dry wood termites.

Flying termites of subterranean species are seen in the spring and summer months. Especially when the humidity is high after the rainfall. On the other hand, you get to see Drywood swarmers in late summer.

Now according to their season, you can understand which types of flying termites are in your house. These flying termites can damage your home and household items in different ways.

A lot of people ask me do flying termites eat wood? or Do flying termites cause huge damage to your house?

Flying termites come out when their old colony runs insufficient food and space. They do not eat wood or cause any damage but once they come out of their colonies the adult termites breed and their offspring seek out new colonies and can spread their infestation anywhere in your house. Their offspring can cause huge structural damage to your house.

Then whether it is wood or other valuable things made of wood. Not just wood, they can infest the walls, ceilings, furniture, and even clothing and bedding in your home.

The presence of flying termites means that the infestation is about to increase at a high level now.

In this article, I will tell you how you can effectively get rid of these flying termites and prevent them from coming back.

Before that, I would like to tell you that Why do flying termites suddenly appear? and what are flying termites attracted to? so that you can remove those things that attract them from your house before treatment.

Why do Flying Termites Suddenly Appear?

Flying termites do not appear suddenly. If you see flying termites in your house, it means that their ancestors are already present in your house.

When a colony is completely filled and there is not enough food and space for the new adult termites, these adult termites come out of their old colonies in search of a new colony and breed.

During the breeding process, their wings develop so that the male and female can attract each other. They also search for new colonies during breeding, so everything kept in your house is gold for them.

If these termites get into walls or ceilings, they can damage the structure of your home. And if it gets into your furniture, it can ruin all the expensive furniture and wood. The surprising thing is that termites also eat clothes because cellulose is found in many fabrics.

Since flying termites are proof that their colonies are somewhere in your home, they are mostly found on ceilings or walls.

Now I will tell you what are the things that attract flying termites?

What are Flying Termites Attracted To?

Flying termites are most attracted towards the light source, so they start flying towards windows, doors, or any kind of source of light.

And they start looking for their colonies around the light source, so if there is even a little moisture, they start forming their colonies there.

Moisture, old trash or cardboard and newspapers, damp walls, cracks or holes in walls or ceilings or floor, and any type of damp furniture or wood attract them.

If you want that termite to not spread much, then fix these things immediately, otherwise, you will not be able to prevent the termite infestation from spreading.

Now I will tell you how you can get rid of flying termites instantly? And do natural methods work on flying termites or not?

You will also get to know which method you should use to kill flying termites instantly and prevent them from coming back to your home.

Do Natural Methods Work on Flying Termites?

Natural methods are not as effective on flying termites because they work slowly. As boric acid or vinegar takes at least 48-72 hours to kill termites.

We have to kill these flying termites instantly because once they find new colonies, they spread the infestation, and more delay means breaking the bank to get rid of them.

Now you must be thinking that what should be done?

I’ll tell you!

You have to take the help of both natural methods. Because it is also very important to treat the places where they are coming from, otherwise no matter how many flying termites you kill, they will not be over ever.

Most of these flying termites come from walls, ceilings, or any furniture object, so I have given you the hyperlinks of two articles under the heading ” Why do Flying Termites Suddenly Appear? “. You can read both of them and spot the signs first.

Now let me tell you some natural methods with the help of which you can treat the nest of termites or where these flying termites are coming from.

Use of Vinegar:

Acetic acid is found in vinegar, which is best for killing termites. It is absorbed into the exoskeleton of the termite and dehydrates it, causing it to die.

Vinegar can be used on termites in two ways, first by spraying it with lemon juice and second with a cardboard bait.

Vinegar is an ideal wood preservative so it works best on termite infestations on wood. In the article below, I have explained how you can use vinegar on termites effectively.

Use of Boric Acid:

do flying termites eat wood

Boric acid is the most commonly used natural method to kill termites. I like this natural method because it is a non-repellent that can kill hidden termites.

When the termite ingests it, a kind of poison spreads in its body, which termite spreads to the entire colony while sharing food. Although it is a bit slow and takes 5 to 7 days to destroy the hidden colony, it is very effective.

Use of Borax:

Borax is used as a laundry booster but very few people know how to use it on termites. If used properly, it is the most economical and most effective method of killing termites.

It is used on termites in three ways, first in powder form, secondly by dissolving with water, and thirdly in the form of bait stations. Although it is not as effective as boric acid, it still works best on low-level termite infestations. Since it is also a wood preservative, you can use it on furniture, etc.

How to Stop Flying Termites From Coming Back?

Flying termites are more likely to return if their hidden nests are not treated properly. If once all their nests are well treated, they will not come again.

But still, you need to take care of some things like not allowing moisture to accumulate in your house and use a dehumidifier, Repair cracks or holes in walls or ceilings from time to time. Do not allow dampness to come on the walls due to leakage etc. Do not store old junk, newspapers, cardboards, etc. in the house.

If you take care of these things then termites will never come to your house.


Question 1: How long do flying termites last?

Answer: The flying termites’ swarm lasts about 25-35 minutes. In this duration, if they find a new colony, they will breed there and can live up to 1-2 years. Ref: Termite life cycle

Question 2: What are flying termites attracted to?

Answer: Flying termites are attracted to light sources. Then they search for some things that contain moisture so that they can build their colony there.

Question 3: What to do if you see flying termites in your house?

Answer: First of all close all the windows and doors where you see flying termites. Take a torch on and place it on a table. Now take a square cardboard piece and moisten it with water and place it near the torch. Let it be there for a day or two and keep wetting it. Do not keep any wooden object near the torch.

After 48 hours, you will see all the flying termites are there on cardboard bait. Take it far from your house and burn it. Simultaneously you have to use either natural or chemical methods to destroy their nests.

Question 4: Do flying termites bite humans?

Answer: Flying termites if come in contact with your skin they can bite you. But their bite is the same as a mosquito bite which is healed within a day or two.

Question 5: When do flying termites come out?

Answer: The subterranean flying termites come out in the spring and summer months while dry wood termites swarm in late summer. Both the termites swarm more in the evening or at night because then the Humidity level is slightly higher.


I hope now you got your answer that flying termites eat wood or not?

Flying termites do not eat wood, but yes they do find a colony for themselves where they can breed and their offspring can eat the wood and damage your house.

If a flying termite is seen in the house, it means that its infestation has increased a lot, so you should treat it as soon as possible.

I hope you have liked the article and you will not have any questions in your mind now. You can share your valuable opinion in the comment box below.

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