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8 Early Warning Signs of Termites & 3 ways to control them

Recognizing the early signs of termites is important because once it spreads, stopping it later means boiling the ocean.

Termites spread very fast and the bigger the infestation, the bigger the expenses and damage.

Recognizing the early signs of a termite infestation is a bit difficult for the inexperienced eye. Because termites do not come in front of humans until the infestation is beyond control.

Recognizing an early warning sign of termites will require a little time and effort but believe me these early efforts will save you from big structural damage and expenses.

In this article, I will tell you 10 early warning signs of termites. And 3 effective ways that will help you to get rid of termites at an early stage.

But before that, I will tell you what are the things that attract termites to your house.

5 Things That Attract Termites to Your House:

If you want to avoid termites, then you should not be careless about these things, otherwise, termites will 100% attack your house.

Moisture on the Walls or Ceilings:

Especially during the rainy season or due to leakage, dampness comes on the walls or ceilings, and damp walls and ceilings attract termites to your house the most.

As soon as the dampness comes, you should immediately take some measures to fix it, otherwise, there are huge chances that termites can attack your house.

Old Newspaper, Cardboard,or Wallpapers:

Termites attack old wallpapers and old junk. Because it gets cellulose in these things, you should keep changing the wallpapers of the walls from time to time. And do not collect old newspapers, cardboard boxes, or old junk in the house.

Indoor Plants:

Your indoor plants are more prone to termites because if you do not keep them in the sunlight regularly for a while, then moisture starts accumulating in them, due to which termites are attracted towards your indoor plants.

I would advise that you must keep your indoor plants in the sunlight regularly for a while and do not keep them on any wooden surface.

Cracks or Holes in the Walls or Ceilings:

early warning signs of termites

Old walls often get cracks and pits and during the rainy season moisture gets deposited in these cracks due to which termites start growing in them, so you should fix these cracks and pits immediately.

Dampness in Wood:

If your furniture gets wet, then it is more prone to termite window sill infestation. Especially in the rainy season when the roofs are leaking, keep your furniture covered.

Since wooden closets are attached to the wall, the dampness on the walls can lead to dampness in your closets and you won’t even know when termites start to thrive there.

If 5 such things are in your house, then there is a high possibility that termites can enter your house and spread the infection. Let me now tell you about some early warning signs of termites.

8 Early Warning Signs of Termites:

Here are 8 early signs that give you an idea of ​​an early termite infestation due to which you get enough time to prevent them.

1. Crusting of Ceiling or Wall Paint:

When there is dampness on the walls or ceiling and when termites thrive in it, the termites hollow the paint to reach the structure of the walls, due to which the paint of the walls or ceiling starts to discolor and look like scabs.

This is most commonly found during the rainy season. Therefore, you should take special care of your roof and walls in the rainy season. And use dehumidifiers in the house as much as possible.

2. Swollen Surface of Windows and Doors:

Usually, during the rainy season, you must have noticed that your windows and doors get choked. Because their surface swells due to dampness.

When you scrape off these bloated surfaces, you may find termites under them. Since there is moisture under these surfaces, termites can easily hide and spread the infestation.

Whenever you see such swellings on your doors, windows, or furniture surfaces, get them fixed with the help of a carpenter as soon as possible.

3. Loosening of Floor or Roof Tiles:

Many times you must have seen that your floor or roof tiles start coming out or get loose. The main reason for this can also be termites.

Because when moisture accumulates under the tiles, termites start coming there, and when it spreads its infestation, the grip of the tiles starts loosening.

Whenever you see loose tiles in your home, fix them immediately and if you find termites there, you can kill them with the help of some natural methods.

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4. Swelling on the Surface of the Walls and Hollow Sound:

As I mentioned earlier, when the walls are damp during the rainy season, then the risk of termites coming at that time is the highest.

When termites attack the walls of your home, that particular surface starts to look bloated and when you tap there, a hollow sound comes from it.

This is the earliest and main indication of the presence of termites on the walls.

5. Getting Holes in Clothes:

This sign is usually seen when termites attack your closet. Many people will be surprised to hear that termites can eat your expensive clothes too. Because cellulose is found in cotton, jute, linen, hemp, and many other types of fabrics.

If you see such holes in your clothes, then first put them in the sunlight for few hours and check your closet thoroughly, you will definitely find termites in it.

6. Smell of Mold and Mildew:

When a termite attacks your house, it hides for a long time, but the place where it spreads the infestation, also leaves its excreta, due to the mixture of the excreta in the moisture, it starts smelling, and this is one of the first and main warning signs of termites in your house.

Whenever you come across the smell of mold and mildew in your home, then understand that termites can also be the reason for this. If there is no sunlight in your house, then you must use a dehumidifier.

7. Mud tubes visible on walls, ceilings or Floors:

The appearance of mud tubes is not an early sign of termites, but it also does not mean that the termite infestation has spread too much.

This simply means that if you delay now, then termite infestation can spread to the next level. Termites use these mud tubes as a tunnel between their colonies and food sources.

These mud tubes protect the termites from the outside air and give them enough moisture so that the termites do not die. Termites can damage various expensive items in your home through mud tubes.

8. Pinholes in Walls, Ceilings or Floor:

Sometimes termites accidentally come out of walls or ceilings in search of food.

When they come out, there are small holes in those places which are called pinholes in the language of pest control.

These pinholes are later filled by termites with their own excrement so that the outside air does not get inside and absorb the moisture.

You can inject boric acid or saltwater into these pinholes to kill the termites inside.

All the 8 signs mentioned above are some of the main first signs of termite infestation.

Now I will tell you what to do if you see these early signs and what are the 3 effective methods that help you to control the initial termite infestation.

3 Effective Methods to Control Early Infestation of Termites:

First of all, according to the above-mentioned signs, you have to find out where the termites are? Once you know this, it is very easy to treat it at an early stage.

Here we will assume that the termite can be either in the furniture or it can be in the ceilings, walls, or floor. Based on this assumption we will apply the methods.

Controlling Early Infestation in Furniture:

If you find early warning signs of termites on wooden furniture such as doors, beds, or any other furniture object, then it is best to use boric acid there as it can go up to the roots of the wood and kill the termites hiding deep inside. You can also use borate salt. The best thing is both are natural methods.

Controlling Early Infestation in Walls:

Finding early signs of termites on the walls means that the matter is serious. Because if the termite once entered the structure of the walls, then controlling it means breaking the bank.

Wait! You don’t need to panic.

Natural methods are not that effective on termites in walls, so I will tell you two chemicals that are used by professionals and these chemicals can do wonders.

In most states, these chemicals are legal to buy. By applying DIY, you can save a lot of money. The name of these two chemicals is Termidor Foam and Taurus SC.

Controlling Early Infestation in Ceilings:

Since termites never expose themselves at an early stage of infestation, it is impossible to kill them with natural methods.

Because natural methods work mostly at the contact level. We need non-repellant chemicals to kill these hidden termites. Non-repellent chemicals mean that, once termites ingest them, they transfer them to the entire colony.

On ceilings also I would recommend you to use both the above-mentioned chemicals. Because both these chemicals are non-repellant and can kill hidden termites very effectively.


If the termite is controlled at its early infestation stage, you can avoid a huge future cost. With the help of the early warning signs of termite infestation mentioned above, you can easily identify and prevent it.

When termites take the form of swarmers, it means that the infestation has spread to a great extent because flying termites are adult termites that leave their old colony to establish new colonies.

These termites leave their old colony because there is no more space and food left. They do matting when they come out and during the process of mating their wings are developed.

I hope now you can easily find out the early warning signs of termites and can also treat them on your own. Please share your valuable opinion in the comment box, if you liked the article.

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