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Signs of Termites in Drywall & how to Prevent Them?

Do termites eat through drywall? and what are the signs of termites in drywall? These are the most asked question by people who have drywall in their houses.

The answer is yes termites do eat through drywall because drywall composition contains up to 10% cellulose which is the favorite food of termites.

It is not that termites attack only drywall, it attacks all types of walls where it gets cellulose.

People prefer drywall because it is very cost-effective and gives them endless finishing options, but once the termite infestation hits the walls, you have to spend a ton of dollars to get rid of it.

So let’s get to the main topic and let me tell you some major signs of termites in drywall.

Signs of Termites in Drywall:

Whatever the type of walls, the signs of termites are the same. And if you want to get rid of them, you need to be aware of the signs of termites on the walls.

Sunken Lines on Surface:

When you see this type of sunken shape on sheetrock or drywall, then it is a sign of termites inside the drywall. This happens because termites eat your sheetrock’s outer cardboard and wood paneling but it doesn’t damage the outer coating of paint.

Dry Mud Spots or Pinholes on Drywall:

Such small holes or pinholes on the drywall are formed by termites for two reasons, firstly, when the termite colony grows too much, they use these holes to get out of the walls to make another colony.

The second reason is that sometimes the termites come out of the walls by accident, later they themselves fill these holes with mud so that the outside air does not get inside and dry the moisture as termites can not survive in dry places.

Termite Infestation Behind the Wallpaper:

Cellulose is found in most of the wallpapers and that is why the termites are attracted to the wallpaper.

Many times when people replace their wallpapers, they come across termites infestation. I would suggest that if there is dampness on your walls, then you should not use wallpapers at all because there is a 100% chance that termites will attack moist wallpaper.

Discarded Wings of Swarmers:

The discarded wings of termites symbolize that they are about to breed. Winged termites are commonly seen when they leave their old colony due to insufficient space and food. And adult male and female termites come out to form new colonies for themselves. During this process, they mate and discard their wings.

Mounds of Termite Droppings:

Termite feces look just like sawdust, if you see this dust around your drywall or near the door entryways or windows, then understand that the termite infestation is rapidly spreading in your house and you have to instantly do something.

However, termite feces are not as deadly to humans as the feces of a rat or any other animal. But the presence of termite feces can prove to be very dangerous for your house structure.

Mud tubes on Drywall:

Tunnel-like mud shapes on the walls are called mud tubes. These tunnels are made by subterranean termites. Termites use these mud tubes to carry food to their nest. Also, mud tubes do not allow outside air to reach their nest, which retains moisture and the termite survives.

Hollow Sound on Walls:

When termites take up residence in the walls of your house, they suck the cellulose through the walls and hollow them from inside. In such a situation, when you tap on the wall, you hear a hollow sound.

If you do not treat them on time, then it hollows out all the walls of your house. And by the time you come to know that, it is too late, in such a situation you should check the walls of your house from time to time.

How to Prevent Termites Coming Back on Drywall?

If you have drywall in your house and the termites have not come yet or gone after treatment. Then the following methods will guide you on how you can protect the walls from termites and prevent them from coming back.

Protect Drywall from Dampness or Moisture:

Wall damping is an inviting sign for termites. If the walls remain damp for a long time, the termites are sure to come.

In such a situation, if sunlight and wind come into your room, then keep the windows and doors of your room open for 3-4 hours. Or it would be better to use a dehumidifier.

Humidity inside the house not only attracts termites but also attracts many diseases such as coughing and throat irritation, chest tightness, and nasal congestion.

In such a situation, if there is dampness or moisture on the walls of your house and sunlight does not come, then you must use a dehumidifier.

Avoid Storing Waste Newspapers and Cardboards:

Signs of Termites in Drywall

Up to 99% cellulose is found in paper or cardboard, so if you have old such items lying in your house, then the risk of termites coming on it is very high. If there are some papers that are important, then keep them in the sunlight for a while from time to time so that termites will never come on them.

Once a termite comes anywhere, it also attacks the walls, so you should not keep old trash in your house which attracts termites.

Fix The Leaks on DryWall:

It is mostly seen that due to some pipe leakage in the bathroom walls, moisture comes which attracts termites. I would advise you to inspect your bathroom walls from time to time and if there is any leakage, fix it immediately.

Repair the Cracks or Holes in Drywall:

If your drywall is falling apart or has cracked due to being too old. Then there is also a risk of termites coming. You should get the walls of your house repaired from time to time to prevent termites from attacking the walls.

Keep Your Old Furniture in Sunlight for Few Hours:

Once the termites come on the furniture, it does not take much time to come to the walls, so it is important that you maintain your old furniture properly.

If you have any old furniture in your house, then it is important to expose it to sunlight from time to time so that any kind of infection does not come on your furniture. This way you can protect your old and expensive furniture. If you want, you can use borate on the furniture, this will also prevent termites from coming to your old furniture.

These are some important things that will prevent termites from entering the drywall. I would advise you to use a dehumidifier if you live in a humid environment as moisture attracts termites to the walls the most.


The signs of termites in drywall are an alarming situation for you. If you don’t treat it right away, termites may spread throughout your home and can badly damage the structure of the house and other valuables.

Also, you can prevent termites from coming to the walls by using the methods mentioned in this article. These methods are very effective and work really well.

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