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How to Develop An Educational App Like BYJU’s

Studying at home became the new reality for children all over the world during the pandemic, with apps like BYJU’s providing the perfect platforms for online learning to keep them engaged. The EdTech industry has grown considerably since then because eLearning apps enabled children to continue their education despite not being able to attend schools and colleges for their classes.

So, if you want to build an educational app like BYJU’s, you will need the right tools and expertise for the job. An EdTech development company can provide you with both, but you need to know more about the type of app you want before you proceed.

This blog explains the fundamental features that make such apps such useful eLearning tools in today’s education systems.

What Makes Educational Apps Successful Today?

Technological advancements have also led to a gradual shift towards digital platforms for learning in the past decade.

There are several reasons behind the popularity of educational apps like BYJU’s, such as the following:

Convenient Access – Students have access to more affordable and accessible education than ever before, thanks to smartphones and laptops. These allow them to learn at their own pace and according to their abilities. BYJU’S – The Learning App serves the most effective teachers, technology, articles, and media to ensure a flawless, fascinating learning experience for every student.

Personalized Learning – Students like BYJU’s because they can learn from personalized learning experiences, original content, and their ability to take self-initiative. BYJU’s is available to students across grades, and its learning modules combine videos and several interactive elements that make learning more enjoyable.

Increased Efficiency In Learning – Educational apps have proven their ability to help students retain what they learn with greater effectiveness. Conventional learning involves monotonous methods with little explanation for difficult-to-understand terms, whereas virtual learning apps like BYJU’s explain even the most complicated topics with clearer terminologies and content that makes them easier to learn.

Top Features to Include In An Educational App Like BYJU’s

Let’s look at all the features that make a big difference when you hire mobile app developers to build an app like BYJU’s:

Personalization Through Various Tools And Algorithms

This app creates an extensive learning profile based on deep Knowledge Graphs. These also enable it to personalize a user’s learning journey across thousands of concepts and elements, such as adaptive flows, flashcards, and quizzes. The learning content a user receives depends on multiple parameters like their strengths and weaknesses, learning pace, and other specific needs.

In order to develop a perfect learning curve for the student, the algorithms identify sub-micro concepts that identify the content so that the student feels both motivated and challenged. The app provides them with a great learning experience by applying the best remedial approach when they make mistakes. It is similar to what a personal tutor would do to address his students’ learning gaps, but it is also much more effective since it is based on deep insights and is personalized.

Artificial Intelligence

Each student learns at their own speed and based on their grasping power.  The same concept may require a few hours of study for some and several days for others. Traditional classrooms gave teachers a chance to gauge each student’s learning capabilities with the help of in-person interactions, but it has become difficult for them to know about the student’s learning behavior and patterns.

This is where Artificial Intelligence has proven useful as it helps tutors gain a closer understanding of students’ learning capacities. AI-based algorithms analyze student responses and collect data at the end of each module, providing valuable insights to teachers in order to break down large concepts into smaller, easily comprehensible modules.

Live Classes

Live learning is one of the best ways to provide an immersive, real-time experience. The advantages it brings make it an indispensable feature for eLearning apps. For instance, students can learn faster when they are able to interact with teachers through a live class. They also have the means to ask candid questions to resolve their doubts faster because they can communicate directly with the tutor.

Data Analytics

Several data and insights are generated in-house during the content creation process at BYJU’s. The system can be modified to include easier videos, additional content formats, and simpler questions if a large section of students is making mistakes in a particular concept. Students find themselves able to understand difficult concepts slowly and without getting discouraged despite the difficulty.

Final Thoughts

BYJU’s has been investing in technologies like AI, machine learning, and AR/VR to provide an entirely new model of education. It also uses cloud-based analytics to ensure its users receive a personalized, unforgettable learning experience.

However, you are going to need the expertise and know-how of an experienced EdTech development companyif you want to build an education app like BYJU’s that customizes itself for each user.

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