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How To Keep Bugs Out Of House On Summer

You just finished your dinner. Now you want to sit in your garden. Looking to the stars, hearing birds chirping, feeling the waves of tree leaves, enjoying the soft and warm wind…..

Buzzzzzzz…..a mosquito came all of a sudden.

Summer is great. The Sun is shining. You are comfortable in small clothes, enjoying watermelons and mangoes. Everything in nature gets more energy. Summer brings life to animals and plants.

But the only thing that is trying to ruin the Summer is bugs. There are important things that you should know and understand. Technology can solve the problem. 

Things that will be discussed here.

  • Why do bugs come out in summer?
  • Bugs, harmful or harmless.
  • How do you keep bugs out?
  • Why is it important to you to do so?

Why Do Bugs Come Out In Summer?

Sometimes you are trying to understand if it is only you or others also seeing bugs more in the summer. I will give you the answer, NO, it is not only you. 

It is currently a global problem that bugs and termites are increasing. A study showed that around 25% of the insects and bugs have increased from last year. And in summer the number is highest.

There are a few reasons behind it. First, I don’t think that you will not be interested to know about the global crisis that the world is currently facing. 

The reasons are as follows.

1. Rising Temperature

We mammals are Homeothermic. Bugs are cold-blooded creatures. Their life cycle depends on temperature.

Because bugs are cold-blooded, they can not generate heat inside their body. They need it from mother nature. In the Summer the temperature is highest than in other seasons. So they come out and reproduce more in this season.

Also, the increasing number of bugs and insects need food to survive. Hence the result is crop losses and their growing number in every household.


2. Rainfall Pattern Changing

Global warming affects not only the temperature. But also the rainfall pattern. We have witnessed drought and flood. The bugs habituate the Summer. Scientists are still trying to find a way to save the corps.


3. Weather Changing

Weather shifting is challenging the bugs about their existence. It is causing their territory also. A study showed that the territorial ranges of the bugs are changing because of global warming. Also, the bugs are roaming to new areas because of climate friendliness. 

Other than these reasons, there are a few more.

  1. Nature is going to be imbalanced. The more the number of bugs increases, the natural predators of them is not increasing with the number. 
  2. There are a lot of bugs that love the warm weather.
  3. As the bugs and insects shift towards us, the animals or birds can’t habituate the some. 


Bugs, Harmful or Harmless

Though there are harmful and harmless bugs, we don’t like either unless it’s a firefly. Different types of business management are there.

There are several harmful things that a bug can do.

  • It can cause severe health damage to humans.
  • There is a minimum of one incident in every household that a bug destroys any property.
  • The bugs threaten household safety. 

This is a list of harmful bugs.

  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Flies
  • Rodent
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Wasps and Bees
  • Crickets
  • Moths Carpenter Ants
  • Centipede
  • Scorpions


How Do You Keep Bugs Out?

What are the steps to follow to keep away bugs from your household? Keeping away bugs these days is a headache for every family. Follow these steps, and your house will be safe from them.

1. Keep The Household and Its Premises Clean

For bugs, it is their nature to get attracted by dirty places. But, when it comes to food, they don’t see hygiene. When we eat, it is natural that small pieces of food will be spread in the household. Try to remove those as soon as possible. Small pieces of cookies, sugar, and other foods attract bugs for food.

2. Kitchen Corners

Sometimes we hate cleaning. But if we do it in a small step then, it will not be a problem to clean the whole. The kitchen is the food source, and bugs easily get attracted by that. Try to remove the corners first. Then, clean the kitchen with soap and water. Sometimes vinegar is excellent for cleaning the kitchen area.

3. Underneath Appliances

Sometimes, we don’t even know what is underneath. It is our nature to avoid those areas. But try to look at every place, especially underneath things. Bugs and insects are great for finding the foods in those areas. Also, check the behinds. There are heavy appliances and behind those things are the territory of bugs. 

4. Cupboard Shelves

If you are not tall enough, it is a possibility that you are going to miss the shelves. Try to take a chair and get those areas clean. There should be a monthly inspection to look after those areas.

5. Fruit Flies

These flies are attracted to fruits and natural sugars. Don’t let your fruits outside for many days. And do not cut fruits and keep those outside. 

6. Trash Bin

Changing your trash bin is something you should do on a regular basis. I know this is a hated job for everyone. But you should change it on a regular basis. Have you wondered how it smells after one or two days? As much as you have the smell, the bugs love that. And get attracted by the smell. 

7. Maintaining Garden

Love your garden area or not, it is your duty to clean the area. If someone is not maintaining the garden area monthly, it can also be harmful to the neighbors. Some bugs love to hide in grassy areas. Sometimes rainwater is in these areas, and a few bugs love to lay their eggs in it. Try to maintain the garden area for you and your neighbors. 

8. Carnivorous Plants

Have you ever thought of this method? There are so many carnivorous plants that love to eat bugs and insects. This is a natural way to kill bugs. Also, these plants will keep your household safe and give you beauty. Begin to plant some in your house.

9. Potted Plants

This is something that you have ignored every time. Bugs lay eggs on the surface of the soil, which will help them increase their family. You love your plants. Just clean the upper layer of the soil.

10. Installing Windows and Nets

I have already told you how you can deal with the existing bugs. However, if they visit your house daily, nothing can prevent them. I know everyone loves to open windows. Try to install nets in your window area. Not only will this allow light to pass, but also it will prevent the bugs from coming.

11. Night Light

There is another thing that attracts the bugs. That is the light.  At night when there is no Sun outside, bugs get easily attracted by the light because it keeps them warm.

12. Bug Traps

Killing bugs will not make you a killer. Try to install bug traps as soon as possible.

13. Bug Sprays

Always keep a bug spray with you.

14. Damp Area

Always look for a moist and damp area. These areas are the home of bugs.

15. Professional Help

There are so many pest control organizations that help to control pests. If you can’t handle it on your own, try to contact them asap. Now You have learned all the things to keep bugs away from the house.

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