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Six Things to Consider With Free Money

If you were to ask anyone what they would like to have more of, most people would say money is at the top of their list. Considering rising expenses due to inflation, money is a highly valuable commodity that people are always looking to earn. 

But what if there are options available where you don’t have to work for your money because you can receive it for free? Free money may sound like an elaborate hoax, but there are actually many smart ways to make extra money for free. While you’ll still need to work for the majority of your money, why not consider options for receiving bonus funds?

Since we know you’d love to learn about ways to get free money, we’ll go over some of the proven ways to do so. But before we dive into a few simple money-making ideas, let’s touch on a few things you should consider when it comes to free money.

Watch Out for Scams

A quick internet search for free money will show you just how many ideas there are about how to “get rich quick” with extra cash. Of course, not all of the information available is true. Be cautious about scams. When a source promises to provide you with free money (some common promotions being grants and awards), you need to be wary about their method and language. 

One easy way to tell that a promise of free money is fake is when the person behind it asks for your personal banking information or identification. You should never give out these details; know that official organizations like the government will never ask for them in unofficial capacities.

Time Sensitive Requests Are Not Legitimate

Also, keep in mind that free money options that place time pressures or constraints on you are ones you should avoid. Scammers use time-sensitive patterns to cause people to rush into sharing information or paying upfront before they have time to research the validity of the claim. Legitimate free money options don’t have urgency.

Now that we’ve gone over some groundwork, let’s dive into a few popular ideas about how you can get free money. These options are real, proven ways to bring in extra cash that requires little effort and no labor.

Completing Guest Surveys

If you’ve ever heard your cashier tell you to fill out the survey at the bottom of your receipt, you should already be familiar with this option for receiving free money. Although guest surveys are fairly common on store receipts, many people never take the time to actually fill theirs out, which raises the chances of winning free funds for everyone who does.

Some stores do regular draws for survey winners, handing out vast amounts of cash to lucky people. Next time you go shopping, be sure to check your receipt.

Acquiring Bonuses for Opening Accounts

There are an overwhelming number of apps to register for, programs to sign up for, and accounts to open, but an easy way to help you narrow down the list is to check which ones offer signing bonuses. This means that you can earn free money simply by opening a new account. 

For instance, some credit cards offer cash to those who sign up and are approved; sometimes stores will offer in-store credit if you start a membership, as well. There are a lot of opportunities for receiving money from creating accounts, so keep an eye out.

Receiving Cash Back

Another legitimate and easy way to get free money is through receiving cash back—and this method of free money is earned from simply going about your regular routine. Some credit (and even debit) cards allow users to earn cash back on their purchases. 

When you consider it, you can either make your regular purchases and watch the money leave your balance, or you can make those purchases and receive free money back. 

Earning Interest

If you have a bank account, you know that sometimes it can pay to do nothing. In the case of holding your money securely in the bank, you can actually make free money just from letting your money sit in an account—and also from adding to your balance. 

Banks are just one example of an organization that lets you earn interest on your funds. You can search for high-interest savings accounts and compare their rates to determine the best location for your money in order to earn extra cash. 

It’s accurate to say that most people would jump at the chance to get free money, and yet it’s hard to know whether there are any real options for receiving bonus funds. These ideas about how to get free money all have proven successful with little effort, so if you’re looking to increase your savings, give these options a try.

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