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What Is A UX Design? | What Makes A UX Design Good?

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There was a time when a product or service could do the talking for itself. Technically speaking, even ten years ago, a branded item or service could literally sell itself to the public. But, it is no more the case in a year when almost all companies have started making good products or providing good services.

To summarize, today’s market competition is fierce. Companies are in dire need of a reputed customer experience & UX design agency. Why?

Well, customers open their wallets not just for good products but for the experience they had with your company. And this experience begins within 17 microseconds customers land on your business website. The experience-gathering session continues as long as the customer stays on your website, clicking, scrolling, and interacting with the different tabs and options.


UX Design – What is it?

Put simply, an UX (user experience) design is about managing the experience customers get when they interact with your website, application, or any other product. A good UX design’s primary mantra is functionality and experience rather than aesthetics.

The UX defines every interaction customers have with the company and its products. Whether the interaction experience was enjoyable, hassle-free, helpful, accessible, or credible explains how the customer feels about the company or its products.

That is why around 70% of modern-day CEOs mark UX as a competitive differentiator. As per studies and reports, a 1-dollar investment in UX can bring 100 dollars in return.

So, What makes a UX ‘Good’?

A UX design doesn’t become good overnight. Neither does hiring the most talented team of designers to get companies a nailing user experience. Well, it is more about the organization’s vision that makes it good. But, before coming to a conclusion, what exactly is a ‘good’ UX?

Is it a fancy-looking UI of the website or application? Or is it about how minimal the design language is?

In reality, a great user experience design is the one that defines customers, focuses on their problems, and provides the best solutions to handle them. And in the middle of these, the whole process needs to be smooth and fast.

One needs to remember that a good UX design should be evaluated by specific customer-focused terms that indicate whether or not a product is useful, usable, findable, credible, accessible, desirable, and valuable.

How does a UX Design Agency manage User Experience?

Testing is one of the methods to ensure that the design language is refined for the customers. However, it is not where the process starts. A good design demands a good understanding of the customers and their requirements. A good design is automatically achieved once the customer gets a clear pathway to achieve their motive while interacting with the website. A customer leaving the site happily is more than a gesture that the UX is good.


Wrapping Up

How can a customer experience & UX design agency help companies in this matter? This is something most companies tend to ask, considering how they expect their in-house designers to handle everything.

In reality, hiring a service provider company is the better deal because they have professionals who understand how to streamline an organization’s vision into their design language. Moreover, they ensure that the site remains smooth, fast, and optimum for the best user experience.

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