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What Is Meta Verified, and Is It Worth the Money?

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In February 2023, Facebook, now Meta, announced they would test a new subscription service for verification on its social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. According to Facebook’s chief, the paid subscription would help creators establish and grow their presence on these two platforms.

How to get Meta Blue Tick? or Meta blue verification badge?

As a result, Facebook and Instagram users rush to acquire the feature because it comes with many perks.

The paid subscription bundle sets itself apart as an impersonating monitoring tool that monitors accounts to target impersonators. Your followers will not fall prey to following a pseudo account thinking it is you, as it won’t have the meta badge. The blue badge is another perk when users authenticate with a government ID.

With the verified account, users can access customer support in real-time, thanks to the Live Chat Customer Support feature. Besides, exclusive features come with the verification, including Facebook Reels, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Stickers. And finally, the paid subscription bundle increases exposure in comments, searches, and recommendations. This perk is in the testing stage in New Zealand and Australia.

Where And How to Buy The Verification Services Online

This verification is under testing in Australia, the US, and New Zealand. To be eligible, one must be at least 18 and have a two-factor authentication set-up. Your profile must have your full name and a profile picture indicating your face.

You must possess a government-issued ID matching your full name and profile picture. Finally, your account needs to meet the minimum activity requirement, like comments and posts.

You can Metaverify and acquire your blue check online. Facebook and Instagram accounts allow you to achieve that seamlessly when you know where and what to click. On your account, go to settings, scroll to Account Center, then Meta Verified. Once there, you can purchase it if your account is eligible for the subscription.

You should provide Meta with a photo of your government–issued ID, and they will verify your account. Verification takes approximately 48 hours. Meta will prompt you to enter a preferred payment method after you submit your ID. This verification on Facebook or Instagram App costs $11.99 monthly on the web and $14.99 monthly on Android and iOS.


How Government ID Authentication Works

Users must authenticate their accounts with government-issued IDs to ensure their name and picture match what is on their Meta profile. What happens to users/creators that use different usernames for their accounts? Meta clarified that they need the creator’s real name on their profile.

Once your profile is ready and verified, changing or editing the date of birth, user name, profile name, or photo is impossible. However, it can only happen if you repeat the verification process. Meta is currently working on different issues, such as what to do when two accounts share the same name.

What About Pre-Verified Accounts?

This verification service started in 2023 and is still running in test mode before the full rollout. Nonetheless, some accounts got verified earlier. In that case, Meta re-affirms that they will not change those accounts.

Meta spokesman told TechCrunch that Meta would display the follower count of legacy verified accounts in many places. The move will differentiate the earlier verified users from the newly verified by Meta.

Advantages of Meta Verification


The blue verification badge on Meta and Instagram is the main benefit. With the badge, it becomes easier to elevate your online presence, given that this has long been a status symbol.

Initially, the badge would provide you increased reach and visibility before replacement by the US Meta Verification launch. Meta users will see your Facebook and Instagram posts under suggested feeds.

Your posts, too, will appear on the user’s Explore Pages. There is no better way to grow an audience or spread a message than having your posts appear on others’ Explore pages. The blue verification badge increases confidence when looking at others on the platform.

If you see someone with a verified check mark, you understand they are exactly what they say they are and not an imitation.

The Drawback of Verification Checkmark

Meta Verification does not include many features, as with other social media subscriptions like Twitter Blue. At its price, it should offer a lot more. But the future holds better things to come – giving hope that this service will become comparable to others. For now, casual users will remain adamant about subscribing unless it offers more.

Is The Meta Verification Check Mark Worth The Money?


Yes, the badge is worth your money, given that the features announced earlier are bound to change. Many more features will likely come on board. Also, it helps if you post on Facebook often or want to give your followers peace of mind with verification.

$11.99 is a paltry amount compared to other subscriptions like streaming services. Meta verification is worth considering.

Winding Up

Meta Verified will change how people use Facebook and Instagram. Small businesses and upcoming content creators should invest in verification to boost their trust on social media. While it does not offer much to the average user, it instills loyalty in your followers, knowing they engage with the actual person and not a pseudo account.

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