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How To Fix a Leaking Vape Pen

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One thing that has made the vaping industry so popular in the past few years is choosing between various vaping devices and finding the flavors that will suit you best. People have also started experimenting with THC juices!

Moreover, vaping has made room for many innovations within the vaping industry. We can witness new vape pen designs and flavors coming to the market daily. We can also confidently say that vaping enthusiasts are willing to pay a lot to buy the best vaping devices.

However, even the best gear can have some flaws. You can encounter different malfunctions with your THC Oil, and you can often feel overwhelmed by the effort needed to fix them.

That’s why we’re here to help you deal with a leaking pen in minutes.

How to deal with a leaking pen in minutes

Make sure you assemble your pen correctly!

Before finding the solution to your leaking THC pen, you should ensure you’ve assembled it correctly. You can easily create a mistake after cleaning your pen or changing your flavors, so don’t rush when putting all the parts back into place.

In some cases, improper positioning of the parts of your vape device can cause leaking problems and even lead to significant damage. You may also have issues with your battery after some time.

If you assemble your pen the wrong way, you may risk damaging your pen’s heater and other essential parts. To avoid breaking your vape pen, follow the assembling instructions noted in your manual.


Check for cracks!

Sometimes you can find the leaking problem by checking your pen for possible cracks. In most cases, leaking problems can exist due to cracks in the flavor tank. Also, damaged parts connected to the tank can create various issues.

There’s also a possibility that you may get a cracked or broken vape pen from the store. Check your vape device for possible cracks before using it for the first time, as the problem may have arisen in the developing process.

You can’t see some cracks physically, so you may have to disassemble your vape device and thoroughly check all the parts. Although, leaking problems don’t always come from cracks on your device.


Replace malfunctioning parts if needed!

Replace malfunction parts


Leaking problems with your THC pen can happen if its parts appear broken or malfunctioning. That would be the best time to visit your local vape shop and find new details to replace the damaged ones.

Sometimes, your vape pen parts may be in excellent condition but seem broken or damaged. Double-check every aspect and test your THC pen for any other possible leakage problems.

Your vape pen parts can also get damaged while using them for some time. However, you may experience abnormalities after replacing your old parts with new ones, indicating that you’ve purchased the wrong parts or haven’t assembled them correctly.


Pay attention to the way you inhale!

Everyone inhales the smoke differently, and vape pen designers have worked hard to deliver various devices that would suit everyone’s style of vaping. Your inhaling technique can have much to do with the leaking problems in your vape pen.

Leaking problems can happen if you vape the wrong way. If you want to extend the life expectancy of your THC pen, make sure you take slow and soft puffs, as sharp inhaling can damage your pen and cause the liquid to overflow your tank.

Also, long draws can minimize the condensation process within your pen and make your THC pen last longer. Make sure you vape as soon as you fire up your device and avoid smoking it like an e-cigarette.


Seek help if you hit a dead end!

ask for help to fix vape pen

There are some malfunctions that you can’t fix on your own. You may not be able to find cracks or physical damage in your parts and know which pieces are broken and need replacement in the future.

Don’t be shy and seek professional help. You can always find service from a salesman in your local vape shop, find solutions online, or even learn about similar experiences from other vape enthusiasts.

Either way, you will find the solution to your problems if you know where to look. Sometimes a visit to a vape shop can save you much more time and effort than trying to find the problem yourself.



Vaping has made a significant impact on today’s society! Some people vape to quit smoking more efficiently, and others vape because of various flavors and vape pen designs that get released on the market daily.

If you’re a vaping enthusiast and seem to come across leaking problems in your THC pen, we hope this article found you well and helped you learn about the quickest solutions to your leaking problems. We hope this article has been helpful and informative and that you can now walk away with a greater understanding of Vape pens and how to choose the best one for you!

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