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What is Grammm- Here top 10 Working Grammm Alternative

What is Grammm?

The updated name Grommunio aka known as Grammm in the past) is an office and corporate tool to engage Digital communication requirements, calendaring and scheduling tasks as well as tracking office details as much as possible. Gram is one in all gadgets which makes your work faster and smoother.

But let me tell you there’s no legacy in Grammm because a lot of substitutions of Grammm have taken place in recent times. People are using these applications as per their comfort and operating systems. The choices may vary the taste and results accordingly.

The new version of Grammm Specifically deals with the updating of working tasks and ease of application software. There is limited information about Linux updating of the same platforms.

Alternatives of Grammm are listed according to specific purposes like Self hosted solution, Free source, an open source platform or it’s for Windows or Linux or other operating systems.

Let’s check out the top Alternatives of Grammm one by one.


1. Nextcloud Hub

Widely used file share platform used by customers regularly. The reason people choose to use the application is you will not have to worry about Security purposes. The platform is designed as such. Grammm has similar reflexes but Nextcloud Hub is more popular these days.

2. Kopano

All the tasks like putting an email, Visual meetings, calendaring and file sharing options are covered by this valuable application in a single interface and a competitive factor of Grammm these days.

Other Kopano Alternative:

  • Zoho
  • Microsoft 355

3. Kolab community

Also known as Foss, this platform is totally free and it’s open source as well. Most of the platforms are not open source such as Grammm but the Kolab community is doing Wonders by taking a different direction in putting itself in the front row. And the thing to note is that it’s a paid open source.

Kolab Community Alternative

  • Google calendar
  • RoundCube

4. OpenChange

This platform provides a portable open source in exchange of Microsoft protocols effectively. It’s a free and open source platform that competes with many other platforms like Kolab Community and Grammm.

5. Microsoft Exchange Server

It is a collaborative and Messaging software product of Microsoft. One of the many server products of Microsoft which offers the regulations of collaborating tasks look much easier. It is a paid platform and not open source code.

Other Microsoft alternatives

  • Google workspace
  • Open office
  • Libre office

6. IceWarp

It is an integration of communication and collaboration features. It unifies the important tasks such that we can handle it effectively and a Better alternative of Grammm also. This is a great platform to share ideas, information and data online or offline or using mobile device medium.

7. Kerio Connect:

Affordable way of integrating Emails, calendar, contacts and task management is provided by Kerio Connect which makes it in the top 10 list. It’s applicable for Linux as well and not an open source platform. You are provided an easy access to your device, data and information without much complexion.

8. EGroupware

An open source German product famously known for Online collaboration and messaging priorities. Available for free and commercial intentions. Self-hosted operations are more widely used than any other services. A best alternative for Grammm for such requirements.

9.Atmail Email server

A platform specifically designed for Windows, Unix and Linux for emailing purposes, collaboration and more. This is not a free platform and also not an open source code.

10. Kolab now

A secure platform for all the office and systematic tasks is provided by Kolab. It makes your day to day Online tasks easier than other platforms which makes it in the alternative of Grammm specifically.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite

An open source and secure platform for emailing, calendaring tasks and more. This increases the productivity of the user and computer by 10x because of its efficiency and ease of application. It’s an open source platform Which is available for free as well. Can smoothly work for Windows and Linux operating systems.

The announcement of further updates about other application features and effective changes according to customers’ response are yet to be explored because of high demand and expectancy of application globally. The Grammm alternatives are effective according to your aims, Requirements, purposes, operating systems and much more.

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