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Do Termites Eat Particle Board? [Read This Before Buying]

Since particleboard wood is very economical, many people are attracted to its low price.

If you also looking to invest in particleboard. Then the question must have come to your mind that do termites eat particle board? Or is it termite-proof?

Before knowing whether termites damage the particleboard or not, it is important to know which particle board you are buying. Because there are many types of particle boards.

First of all, we know what is particle board then we will talk about its types and which type is the best termite-proof.

What is Particle Board?

Particleboard comes under engineered wood products. And it is also known as chipboard or low-density fibreboard. The particle board is a combination of sawdust and wood chips that are bound with a glue called Urea Formaldehyde. Particleboard has many uses.

After knowing what is particle board, it is important to know the types of particle board and their tolerance to termites.

Types of Particle Boards:

There are different types of particle boards according to their uses and manufacturing process.

Single Layer Particle Board:

Single-layer particle boards are used in interior applications. In the process of making a single-layer particle board same size of small particles are pressed together.

Since the density of single-layer particleboard is higher than that of other particle boards, it provides better protection against termites. Also, it has some water resistance capabilities that prevent moisture but it is not completely waterproof.

Reference: High-Density Wood Is More Resistant To Termite Attacks

Three Layer Particle Board:

Since this particleboard is made with the help of three layers, it is named three-layer particleboard. The middle layer in it is made of large wood particles, due to which its density is greatly reduced. Due to its low density, termites can easily damage it.

Although both the top and bottom layers are made by pressing smaller wood particles that have a higher density, it still attracts termites more than the single-layer particle board.

Graded Density Particle Board:

These types of particleboards are mostly used for kitchen cabinets and furniture. Because they look very beautiful and are very economical in cost, Many times people buy them for cheap and regret them later.

Since these particle boards are exactly like three-layer particle boards. And their density is also very low, termites can easily eat them. You should absolutely not use this type of particle board for your kitchen cabinets or furniture.

Melamine Particle Board:

If you are looking for a cost-effective, termite resistant, scratch resistant, or water-resistant particleboard. I would definitely recommend you Melamine particleboard.

Melamine particle boards are typically used in modular kitchens, wall panels, wardrobes, or furniture.

In Melamine Particle Board, wood particles are firmly bonded with melamine-urea formaldehyde resin and wax emulsion that provides superior water resistance and termite resistance, all at a very low cost.

Cement-Bonded Particle Board:

This type of particleboard is used for false ceilings, walls, or outside walls in places with high humidity.

In this type of particle board, up to 60% of the part is cement, the rest is wood particles and water. In such a situation, this combination protects your walls and ceilings from moisture. And if moisture doesn’t enter your house, termites won’t enter either.

Since most termites infiltrate your home through walls, ceilings, or floors, using this particle board not only protects you from termites and moisture but is also very cost-effective.

Veneered Particle Board:

Here veneer refers to a thin layer of wood that is applied to the surface of the particleboard. This type of decorative veneered particleboard is mostly used for interior decoration, doors, panels for cabinets, or various types of furniture.

It is a kind of ordinary particleboard that does not give you better protection from termites or moisture. Although slightly stronger due to the wood layer on the surface, but not as effective.

I would absolutely not recommend you to use this type of particleboard in the interior as it can be attacked very quickly by termites as soon as there is little moisture.

Laminated Particle Board:

This type of particleboard is widely used for false ceilings. Because it has thermal insulation properties.

A type of laminate sheet is used on the surface of such particle boards. Although it is quite strong as compared to veneered particle boards, it fails in providing protection from moisture and termites.

It is used a lot in dry places as it is very strong and durable along with being cost-effective but I would not recommend using it if you live in a humid area.

After explaining the different types of particle boards, it’s time to answer a few important questions that are frequently asked by you.

Do Termites Eat Particle Board?

Yes, termites can easily damage particle boards. But there are a few types of particleboards that are waterproof as well as termite-proof.

For example, Melamine Particleboard and Cement Bonded Particle Boards, both of these provide excellent termite protection as moisture does not penetrate inside them.

Which Particle Board is Good for Kitchen that Protects Termites?

If you want to make a modular kitchen or want to get any wooden work done in the kitchen with a low budget and want a termite-proof assurance then I will suggest Melamine particleboard.

In this type of particle board, a type of melamine glue is used to bond the wood particles together. It is so strong that it does not allow moisture to penetrate inside the wood, due to which the wood remains safe from termites.

You can use melamine particle board not only in the kitchen but also in interior decorations and wardrobes. It is not only cheap but also very durable and the best waterproof and termite-proof.

Which Particle Board is Best for Constructing False Ceiling, Walls or Floor that also protects from termites?

Termites first enter your house through ceilings, walls, or floor, in such a situation it is very important for these three to be strong.

If your budget is low and you want better termite protection then you can go with cement-bonded particleboard. This type of particle board contains up to 60% cement, which prevents moisture from entering the wood so that termites cannot easily attack it.

Is Veneered Particle Board Good for Interior Applications?

Very beautiful in appearance and low cost, the different designs of these particleboards will attract you a lot. But external beauty is not enough. They are not waterproof at all and moisture can easily enter them, making them a favorite place for termites.

If you are on a budget and want to avoid termites, I would recommend you to use a Melamine particleboard. It provides better protection against termites at a lower cost.

How to Protect Particle Board From Termites?

There are multiple ways to protect your particle board furniture from termites. All the following ways work great and help your particle board to be termite-free.

Use Boracare:

If you use particle board or any other type of wood furniture, then you must apply the boracare before painting it. It protects the wood from termites for lifelong and keeps your expensive furniture safe.

Do not allow moisture to build up in the particle board:

Mostly the wood with moisture attracts termites. And when water goes inside the particle board, the weakness of the particle board is that its small wood particles start spreading and in such a situation the risk of attack by termites is highest.

The more you keep the particle board away from water and moisture, the less chance of termites getting into it. And if you live in a humid climate where sunlight is hard to come by, you can use a dehumidifier.

Use Melamine or Cement Bonded Particle Board:

Both these types of particleboards are the best waterproof particle boards that do not allow termites to penetrate the wood. These particle boards provide excellent protection against termites at a low cost.


I hope you now understand whether termites eat particle board or not?

Whenever you buy particle boards, keep in mind that buy melamine or cement-bonded particleboards only. Both of these types of boards are waterproof and cannot be easily damaged by termites. They are also very affordable in price.

If you have bought any particle board furniture apart from these two-particle boards, then try to use Boracare in it, by doing this your wooden furniture will be protected from termites for a lifetime. And keep particle board furniture away from moisture as much as possible.

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