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GBWhatsApp No More? 7 Alternative Messaging Apps to Switch to

GBWhatsapp has taken the market by storm since its arrival. It has been reliable to people and the features it provides are awesome as well. Like every other third-party modified application, GBWhatsapp also comes with its own fair share of troubles.

In some respects, using modified WhatsApp is cool, but since GBWhatsapp isn’t very stable these days, so the solution to this issue is to use some GBWhatsapp Alternatives.

Whatsapp mods listed below are the finest you can install and run on your Android phone. Each one is a sure challenger to be the best GBWhatsapp Alternative. You may also like to pichuki an Instagram editor and viewer review

7 GBWhatsapp Alternatives to Try in 2023

When GBWhatsApp was launched years ago, that was one of the greatest WhatsApp mods available, but it was eventually abandoned, and the number of new WhatsApp mods increased. Although GBWhatsapp is still functional, there are better alternatives. If you want to test a different WhatsApp mod, the finest GBWhatsapp Alternatives on Smartphones are version WhatsApp like GBWhatsapp, which you can install and run on your Android smartphone.

These WhatsApp modifications include a range of characteristics and are more stable to use than any other GBWhatsapp modification out there; they’re also free and can be installed from anywhere.

GBWhatsapp Alternatives

Although WhatsApp’s policy is that using modified applications like GBWhatsapp might result in a temporary suspension, some individuals are undaunted and continue to use these programs. If you are a dedicated (or reckless) modified-WhatsApp user, you might be interested in similar modded WhatsApp applications that are similar to GBWhatsapp.

These below-listed apps are some of the most secure and trusted modded tools for WhatsApp so please feel free to check these all out along with being safe they also provide amazing features. So let’s get into it!

1. JTWhatsapp

JTWhatsApp is the MOD version of normal WhatsApp. It includes some important and useful features that were missing from WhatsApp’s first version. It has features including ghost mode, enhances your status characters, removes read receipt constraints, and allows you to significantly configure the software.

JTWhatsapp is a MOD program that is extremely similar to the original WhatsApp except that it is more evolved and has more added features, and it is produced by third-party developers that usually work independently.

Because no users have reported any problems during using JTWhatsApp, it may also be considered safe to use. But, it is totally up to you if you prefer it over regular WhatsApp. Because with JTWhatsApp, you have an edge when using WhatsApp’s advanced but restricted features. Give WhatsApp a try once to get a sense of its expanded capabilities. It also provides greater privacy and eliminates any constraints.

2. FMWhatsApp

Modded WhatsApp applications are all over the internet, and they offer some of the greatest features that the regular Whatsapp app lacks. Even if they promise to deliver some fantastic features, these hacked versions of WhatsApp really aren’t legal to use.

The second WhatsApp on the ranking is FM WhatsApp, and there’s no wonder that this WhatsApp mod is among the best that are out, sharing similar characteristics with GBWhatsapp or even trying to offer more functionalities than ever before. You can customize your WhatsApp to follow the pattern how you want it to. FM WhatsApp comes in a variety of forms, and it is not a WhatsApp that can be acquired from any website.

FM WhatsApp allows for customization, including multiple emoji versions and features such as conversation lock and customizing the UI style to seem like with iOS as well as other applications like Telegram and Facebook. If you’re seeking for a WhatsApp mod similar to GBWhatsapp, you should download FM WhatsApp, which is one of the finest GBWhatsapp Alternatives available.

3. OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is the next app on our list of the Greatest WhatsApp Mod Apk 2022. It distinguishes itself from other Mods by providing a simple and user-friendly interface. The program enables users to use various contact information with WhatsApp while using the same phone. Here’s a comprehensive list of OGWhatsApp’s features! It has a pre-built mail scheduler option for automatic sending.

With this WhatsApp hack, you may easily share HD-quality photographs. It includes a WhatsApp locker to protect your communications and the whole WhatsApp mod. OGWhatsApp has over 1000 themes for customizing your chat interface. The ability to create a password for a specific chat makes OGWhatsApp the greatest WhatsApp mod in 2022.

4. MBWhatsApp

MBWhatsApp is one of the latest WhatsApp mods available, and one of the reasons you’ll appreciate it is that it’s unlike any other mod WhatsApp you’ve encountered. This WhatsApp specializes in iOS design, and then once tried to install it on your Mobile phone, you’ll have an Android version of iOS WhatsApp.

It has personalized designs and allows you to easily swap between light and dark modes. You can also customize your read invoices and status view. MBWhatsApp also allows you to hide chats and hold WhatsApp using various locking methods. You can send unlimited numbers of messages and pictures at once, and you can also upload status videos that last more than ten minutes.

5. Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp is yet another WhatsApp mod that, like GBWhatsapp, establishes a norm for a Mod WhatsApp. While it shares similar characteristics and upgrades with other customized WhatsApp that are out, you can be guaranteed that this WhatsApp would be accessible in the long run, and some of its features will make you want to use it. Fouad WhatsApp is secure and uses the most recent end-to-end WhatsApp encryption.

When it comes to personalization, Fouad WhatsApp isn’t as good as WhatsApp Aero, but when it comes to durability and reliability, it doesn’t crash, which is one of the purposes why it’s a good WhatsApp mod. Themes can also be applied to Fouad WhatsApp, one of the finest GBWhatsapp alternative solutions for Android.

6. WhatsApp Aero

When it involves aesthetics and customization, there is only one WhatsApp mod that has the advantage, and that is WhatsApp Aero. This WhatsApp update is one of the most configurable WhatsApp mods out there, and it has a number of features that will convince you to choose it over any other WhatsApp mod. If you like themes and shades, this WhatsApp is ideal for you; it’s very secure to use and has a plethora of features.

With WhatsApp Aero, users are able to use iOS WhatsApp on their Android devices, along with other features. This WhatsApp is secure as well as it has various characteristics like Aero Widgets, users can swap languages, and it has a feature that will let you hide content on your Android device; if you’re looking for one of the finest GBWhatsapp Alternatives solutions for Android, you must consider download and install WhatsApp Aero.

7. YoWhatsApp

The interface is quite like the initial WhatsApp Messenger. Still, with extra functionality, YoWhatsApp is a great mod app to try this year to improve your conversations. It allows you to run three Apps on a single device. You can even tailor it to your specific needs and requirements. When you’re busy, set your messages to auto-reply. Emojis & WhatsApp stickers have been updated. Create a WhatsApp Broadcast that can reach up to 600 people. These were a few features that YoWhatsapp provided.


These are the apps that WhatsApp users may download to add additional capabilities. But, be cautious when downloading WhatsApp mod apk, since this might jeopardize your privacy. If you are a tech nerd, we recommend that you test it with a different device and account.

GBWhatsapp is indeed the most often used type of hacked WhatsApp. You can test them both to evaluate which one best matches your needs. Following GBWhatsapp we would recommend you go for JTWhatsApp. It provides amazing features and security and has been popular among users for a while now!

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