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7 Modern Technology That Contributes In Hotel Revenue Growth

For solo travelers, families on vacation, and business people on their business trips, hotels have been improving their accommodations and services.

Earlier only relaxation and great customer service are what guests used to expect from their hotel stay. Since the digital wave arises. Customers have become tech-savvy.

Therefore, in 2022 and beyond one of the ways for hotels to attract customers is the implementation of modern technologies to make their stay more enjoyable.

From smart rooms that provide hotel guests with information about their surroundings to digital signage that displays the hotel’s current promotions and contactless food and payment services, technology is being used to improve the guest experience in hotels.

Undoubtedly, customer satisfaction, directly and indirectly, impacts the number of hotel bookings, hotel reputation, and overall revenue.

If you’re a hotelier or a hotel professional who is looking for smart ways to escalate your hotel revenue this blog is for you.

Read further to learn about 5 Modern technologies that contribute to hotel revenue increment.

5 Modern Technology That Contributes To Hotel Revenue Growth

1. Market Intelligence Technology

Whether to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or improve guest satisfaction, businesses are sworn to market research.

Manual market research is extremely tiring and time taking and that’s why most hotel businesses can’t afford it.

Therefore, market Intelligence Technology takes place to help you out.

Using market intelligence tools you can get valuable insights into what your competitors are offering that your target audience is appreciating.

Analyzing customer behavior, customer interest, customer budget, customer trends,  and things that influence customers buying decisions and providing the pricing data of competitor’s data is what you need to create an excellent revenue growth strategy. And, market intelligence solutions can help you with this.

Overall, Market Intelligence Technology is a valuable asset for the hospitality industry. It helps businesses to understand their customers better and make more informed decisions.

As well as analyzes competitive pricing by using hotel search API that provides hotel pricing data from different locations to identify opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

Additionally, Hoteliers can get super valuable insights into the customer’s preferences and interests using hotel reviews API.

It will create more effective marketing campaigns and tailor offers to their customers’ needs.

2. Website Chatbots

When it comes to booking a hotel. There are many queries that take over the guest’s mind. It’s impossible to communicate everything in your website’s web copy and FAQ page.

On the other hand, contacting options like email and calls are intimidating for most customers. No one wants to hang on a call for minutes and wait hours to get an email response.

Integrating website chatbots can not only help users to get their query answers instantly but will also help in increasing customer acquisition.

Many chatbots are available in the market like Tidio, FreshChat, Drift, ManyChat & More that you can integrate into your website.

If you don’t have time to respond to queries 24/7.

Fret not, these website tools allow you to automate queries response. All you have to do is figure out what queries most of your customers ask.

Then prepare a persuasive response to each of them. It will lessen the workload on your shoulders. And, even if you get some new queries, prepare a response to get visitor’s email Id or contact information and promise to get in touch with them shortly. To know more about how live chat software help in growing your business read this blog.

3. Online Reputation Management Tools

The studies done in 2018 found that 63% of travel bookings and sales were made online. After the hit of the pandemic human interaction has decreased and online users have increased drastically.

Pricing & Reviews are the two most important things that hugely influence customer buying decisions. The pricing part, we have covered already in the blog.

Now, the question is how do you tackle bad online reviews or reputation-decreasing attacks from your competitors?

A bad online reputation is more dangerous than you think.

It will not only make you feel bad when you go through those disheartening reviews but also discourage future guests from booking your hotel.

Consequently, it will adversely impact your hotel’s overall revenue generation.

To find out what people are talking about your hotel you can invest in online reputation management tools such as Brandwatch, Digimind, Brand24, Brandmention, Buzzsumo and Google Alert ( you can get alerts of new content published on the web that includes your name).

Using the tools we have mentioned above you can scan the web and all social media platforms and find out if there is any negative comments & misguided content.

If it’s less, you can tackle it on your own. Or if you think so, your online reputation is unpleasant. It’s time to hire an ORM (online reputation management team).

4. Hotel Channel Management Software

Hotel channel management software is used by hotels and travel companies to maximize their revenue by managing distribution strategies across different channels.

It enables them to create personalized offers for each booking channel, including their own website, through comparison shopping engines such as Expedia and Travelocity, OTAs such as and, and direct sales.

Plus, the hotel channel management software also helps businesses to identify their repeat visitors and offer special promotions and loyalty rewards to encourage return visits.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools make it easy to maintain a database of customer data, while integrated solutions streamline operations and inventory management.

It minimizes errors, keeps the data accurate, and puts the burden off of your hotel staff’s shoulders.

The best hotel channel manager software you can use in 2023 is Hotelfriend, Hotelspider, Siteminder, and Cubilis.

5. Energy Management For Hotels

One of the most effective ways that hotels use to improve guest experience is by offering modern amenities such as light, AC, and TV access in their rooms.

However, if these devices are constantly left on while guests are out exploring the area, it can quickly drive up energy costs.

Here are several ways hoteliers can save costs through smart energy management tools:

  • Monitor the energy usage of individual rooms and common areas so that unused devices can be turned off at the end of the day.
  • Replace analog sensors in outlets with a digital device that tracks energy usage in real time and sends an alert when the electricity usage reaches a set threshold.
  • Investing in a smart thermostat sensor that fluctuates temperature according to the weather.
  • Using lighting technology instead of regular lighting automates electricity consumption and saves cost throughout the year


Pandemic created a whole new world that prioritized contactless payment, contactless check-in & check-out, and booking services online.

Businesses need to upgrade their services to match the customer’s demands.

So, hoteliers need to adopt modern hotel technology that isn’t only pleasing to the customers.

But, it also makes their work easier and more efficient and helps in the escalation of revenue generation.

However, there has been a drastic acceleration in hotel technology tools in the past few years. And, hotels are getting immense benefits from it.

Therefore, in this blog, we have introduced you to the must-have modern hotel technology solutions that every hotelier needs to incorporate into their revenue strategy to expand customer acquisition, revenue, and profit.

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