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7 Top Apps for Staying Comfortable In Your Home

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These days, we are living in a world dominated by digital technologies and mobile apps. Of course, all these things were designed to streamline our lives and make us feel more comfortable. But, there is a point when too much of a good thing can become a nuisance.

Namely, a recent study indicates that most users have more than 80 apps installed on their phones. These numbers seem neither streamlined nor comfortable. If anything, looking for the tools you need to effectively manage your household only eats up your time and makes you fed up with the whole ordeal.

So, yeah, trying to use all household management apps you can find in the native app store is obviously not a good idea and your app drawer could greatly benefit from some pruning. What apps you should use then?

Well, let us try to find out together.

Grocery shopping apps

There are a lot of brands out there that are feeling hesitant to develop their own apps considering all the pros and cons of such a move. The grocery shops usually don’t have such doubts knowing the mobile apps can only benefit all parties involved in the process. However, if we look at things strictly from your standpoint as a consumer we will see that these neat apps can give you all the items and groceries you need right at your doors in a couple of minutes without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home. This way, you save so much time and energy you can otherwise spend on other chores.

Smart oven, stove, and cooking apps

Everyone who has spent at least some time in the kitchen knows cooking can be a very taxing chore. What makes this issue even worse is the fact that if you lower your guard even for a second all your culinary efforts can easily go to waste bringing you back to square one.

Well, the good news is that a lot of the latest-gen ovens, stoves, and other kitchen appliances feature smart, programmable functions that leave you enough time to deal with other chores while the food is cooking. Add to the equation one of the cooking apps you have at any app market and you will be on a good way to Gordon Ramsay-level stardom.

Lighting control apps

Artificial lighting makes such an integral part of our lives that we no longer pay attention to how much energy we use to keep our homes bright. Spoiler alert – these expenses make a considerable part of our monthly energy bills. Well, with that in mind, introducing a healthy level of automation and allowing you to control the interior lighting remotely from the screen of your iPhone can do a great job in keeping this beast under control.

Furthermore, the countries like Australia offer various incentives for making your household more energy efficient making the idea of upgrading your lighting even more worthwhile.

Air conditioning and thermostat apps

While we are in Australia, we would like to remind you that a lot of countries, the Land Down Under included, can take very wild temperature swings putting a lot of pressure on the air conditioning and HVAC systems. So, it’s really no wonder that experienced air conditioning experts from Brisbane and other local cities have their hands full during the most taxing parts of the year.

The main benefit of the air conditioning and thermostat apps comes in the form of the ability to program the heating/cooling or use the app features to make the system respond to surrounding temperature and lower consumption.

Weather forecast apps

The weather has to be one of the most defining factors having influence over our lives. Don’t believe us? Well, just try to take a look at the myriad of daily decisions you need to make based on this simple factor. Washing the car, doing the laundry, performing the house fixes, tackling landscaping… All these things are effectively dictated by whatever Mother Nature can throw at you at the moment. So, do your best to always keep a reliable weather forecast app right there on your home screen and if you have the benefit of push notifications, keep them turned on. Your life can only become simpler as a result.

Window treatment apps

Using apps to control how your blinds, treatments, and windows, in general, are going to behave may seem like a novelty. But, we have to keep in mind that natural light does play an incredibly important part in the management of any household. Sunlight keeps the moisture and mold at bay and allows your plants to thrive even when you are away from home.

So, adding the ability to control the blinds or even to vent your home to your app portfolio seems like a worthwhile addition after all. Why would you bother your friends or relatives to come by and do these chores when you can do it yourself from your phone?

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistant apps are slowly but steadily making an integral part of any household around the globe. And keeping in mind all the benefits they bring to the table, it shouldn’t really come off as a surprise that voice search options, on-demand entertainment and info, programmable features, and even a healthy dose of AI analytics are being used by a growing number of users across the globe.

And these apps are receiving updates and becoming smarter with each passing day. Fitting them into your house management routine can only give you more time to devote yourself to things you enjoy further down the road.

We hope this breakdown helped you narrow down the list of the apps you need to effectively manage your household to some acceptable level and make use of the ones you decide to install on your phone to the fullest extent. We are living in times where options for making our lives easier practically become limitless.

At some point, though, all these choices tend to become very cumbersome and ultimately waste more time than they save. These seven picks we presented above make a really good way to keep things on track and manageable.

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