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McDonald’s Wi-Fi Login: How to access McDonalds Wi-Fi Login Page?

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The McDonald’s Wi-Fi login is now free for all customers. As per the connectivity range, you can also connect your device with Wi-Fi outside McDonald’s. In McDonald’s, you don’t need to ask for a password. It is password-free, fast, and easy to connect Wi-Fi.

You can also connect your iPhone, android, or even laptop with simple steps. You can find the McDonald’s near you from google maps, or similar apps. If you are a freelancer or doing a remote job, then you can also use McDonald’s Wi-Fi with ease. There are no other charges for connection. Just get a table, make an order and you can surf for long hours on the internet without restriction.

Nonetheless, there is no restriction over time or data usage. You can download and upload any data with McDonald’s Wi-Fi login. Perhaps in some McDonald’s centers, the speed might vary as per the bandwidth connection and number of users connected.

How to access McDonald’s free Wi-Fi page?

You can’t get direct access to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi connection through the Wi-Fi. You have to visit the captive page on the browser. It is also referred to as the splash page too.

You have to access the permission from there first. After that, you will be able to use the McDonald’s Wi-Fi without a password. If you just directly try to connect through Wi-Fi, you will be not able to access the internet on your device.

So, open the browser on your device and visit the captive page or splash page where you will find the access button. Press the button to get direct access to the internet without any passwords.

How to connect the McDonald’s Wi-Fi with my android device?

You can easily connect your android smartphone to McDonald’s Wi-Fi with these steps. It is just like any other Wi-Fi connection. You don’t need to add the password.

  • Open the Wi-Fi connection in your android phone
  • Find the McDonald’s Wi-Fi connection
  • Click on the McDonald’s Wi-Fi to connect
  • If an auto connection is permitted, then your Wi-Fi will automatically connect
  • visit the captive page from the browser and grant permission from their first and
  • Now you have to give permission as you agree with the terms and conditions.
  • As you click on the agreement you will connect to the Wi-Fi

Only after the access is done by you, you can use the McDonald’s free Wi-Fi login.

Might this service is not available at your nearer McDonald center.

How to connect to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi login with my laptop?

It is easy just like an android device. First, go to McDonalds Wi-Fi range with your laptop.

Follow these steps to add McDonald’s login Wi-Fi:

  • Open the laptop
  • Open the taskbar
  • Find Wi-Fi icon there and click on that
  • Click on the captive page or splash page where you have the granted permission for the internet on your device,
  • Now connect your device with the McDonald’s free Wi-Fi
  • As with the phones, you have to agree with the terms and conditions

Now you will have access to the McDonalds Wi-Fi login. Further, you can use the Wi-Fi for your work. There is no restriction over data usage and time limit.

How to connect to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi login with my iOS device?

To use McDonald’s free Wi-Fi, you don’t need to download any external data. You can connect with McDonald’s with ease like other Wi-Fi connections.

Here are steps to connect with McDonald’s free Wi-Fi:

  • Open the settings in the iPhone setting
  • Open the Wi-Fi from there
  • Look for McDonald’s Wi-Fi connection and click on the connection
  • As you follow the steps have to open the captive page on the device and allow the required permission for the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now an unsecured network notification will pop up on your screen window.
  • Click on the connecting bar to connect with the network.

After the connection, you can access the Wi-Fi network. You can use the network outside McDonald’s as per its range of it.

Is McDonald’s login required for free McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

No, you aren’t required to sign into McDonald’s for Wi-Fi connection. You just have to be in the range of Wi-Fi and have to accept the terms and conditions before using it. As you connect with Wi-Fi you will notice speed varies from restaurant to restaurant.

You can enjoy your meal at McDonald’s and use the free Wi-Fi as per McDonald’s regulations. There is no login required for the Wi-Fi connection, but you have to grant permission from the captive page from the browser for the consent. After that, you won’t require any data to fill up. You can just use the Wi-Fi connection for free. There are no charges over time and data usage. So can use it till your meals and work are finished at McDonald’s.

Why am I not able to connect with the McDonald’s free Wi-Fi?

When you try to connect with the McDonald’s Wi-Fi you will see a notification like accept terms and conditions. But in many devices, the pop-ups are blocked by the user with third-party apps. So you have to close that particular app. After that you will receive a notification and as you accept that you can connect with Wi-Fi.

If there are not any third-party apps or system settings which block pop-ups. Then just restart the phone once and then again try to connect with the Wi-Fi in range of it,

If you just connect your device with the Wi-Fi and don’t allow permission from the captive page then the Wi-Fi will not connect with your device, first, you have to start the Wi-Fi then after have to give permission from the web page first. After that, you can use the Wi-Fi smoothly and for free.

Locate free McDonald’s Wi-Fi near you:

To find the free Wi-Fi network to your nearer McDonald’s follow this step. You can reach easily by the McDonald’s restaurant locator:

  1. Search the McDonald’s restaurant locator in the city add your city name and press on the click bar
  2. Now you can find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant as per your location details.
  3. After that filter for the free Wi-Fi services and you will get the results
  4. Where you can easily access McDonald’s Wi-Fi connection for free.

When you visit there, there will be open Wi-Fi with protection. So you have to first clear the permission for using Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the Wi-Fi for free. Further, there will be minor changes between the two McDonald’s terms and conditions for free data.

Does all McDonald’s have a free Wi-Fi connection for customers?

No, all McDonald’s don’t have a free Wi-Fi connection for customers. McDonald’s restaurants are franchise based so as per the owner the open Wi-Fi is decided for their customers. Still, you can have great meals at McDonald’s for sure. Nonetheless, you can find McDonald’s with free Wi-Fi on the McDonald’s restaurant locator. From that, you can visit a particular place with great meals and high-speed internet.


There is free Wi-Fi available in McDonald’s restaurants. But not in all the locations. First, find which McDonalds has a free Wi-Fi connection. As you reach there, try to be in the good range of Wi-Fi for a fluent connection. Visit the web page captive page and allow the required permission as per the terms and conditions mentioned.

First, you have to grant permission from there and after that, you can use the Wi-Fi with good network speed. The speed will vary from restaurant to restaurant. As per the users are occupied and the connection range of your device.

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