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Ortho Home Defense Max Review- Unbiased Buying Guide

In today’s review, I am going to share with you an honest opinion about Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer.

However, there will be many questions in your mind regarding this product like does it really work? How long does it take to see its effect? Is it toxic or not? And how to use it effectively?

But If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the full review, then you can check the verdict where I have analyzed all the important points.

Verdict with Pros & Cons:

It is a pest repellant that is suitable not only for indoor but also for outdoor use. It effectively protects you from various types of insects like spiders, fleas, roaches, ants, ticks, etc

Its effect starts within a few hours and within 24-48 hours it effectively kills the frightening insects that have entered your house.

This pest repellant is quite popular, you can guess from the fact that it has been appreciated by thousands of people on Amazon.

In technical words, Bifenthrin has been used as an active ingredient in it. This effective chemical works at the on-contact level. Once ingested, it paralyzes the nervous system of the insect, causing its insect’s death within minutes or hours.

Pros & Cons:

  • Up to 12 months protection against (ants, roaches, spiders indoors on nonporous surfaces)
  • Non-staining, odor free and dries fast.
  • Reusable comfort wand.
  • Long lasting bug barrier.
  • non bending, pumping or hand fatigue.
  • Kills 130+ types of insects, list is in the product guide.
  • Rain doesn’t wash away its effectiveness
  • It is completely safe for indoor use and kids and pets once dried.
  • Its auto spray is a little less smooth and sometimes works intermittently.
  • It kills insects only at the on-contact level.

Let us now move to Ortho Home Defense Max Review where we will talk about its various aspects.

With the help of this review, I will answer all those questions related to this product, which you are curious to know and we will also compare this product with its alternatives.

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How long does it take Ortho Home Defense Max to work?

How long Ortho Home Defense Max will take to kill an insect depends on the body structure of the insect.

Because it has been experienced by people that it starts showing the effect on small insects such as ants and spiders within a few minutes while on large insects like roaches It may take a few hours or even a day to kill them.

It also depends on how long the insect has been under its effect. The longer the insect remains under its effect, the sooner it will die.

What’s the difference between Ortho Home Defense and Ortho Home Defense Max?

The two main differences between Ortho Home Defense and Ortho Home Defense Max are their active ingredients and their ability to penetrate.

While Ortho Home Defense contains .05% Bifenthrin and .0125% Zeta-Cypermethrin, Ortho Home Defense Max only contains .05% Bifenthrin.

Another important difference is that Ortho Home Defense Max penetrates much better and dries up comparatively quickly.

Max also costs a little more than the normal Ortho Home Defense and there is a slight difference on the packing label as well, though both the products are quite impressive.

Is Ortho Home Defense Max toxic?

Yes, it is highly toxic to pets and children if they accidentally ingest it. Its poisonous effect ends after drying. That’s why it’s suggested to keep your children and pets away from the treated area until it dries.

A lot of people also ask that is bifenthrin safe to breathe or what happens when someone inhales it. so let me say that Inhaling bifenthrin can irritate the nose, throat, and lungs.

When Bifenthrin gets on your skin it can cause tingling, itching, burning, or numbness at the site of contact.

Research Factsheet: Bifenthrin General Fact Sheet – National Pesticide Information

Many people use it on plant infestations but I would like to tell you that it is highly toxic for plants and you should never apply it on plants.

Does Ortho Home Defense Max kill on contact?

Ortho Home Defense Max is a contact pest repellant. This means that whenever an insect comes under the effect of the treated area, its death is certain.

However, there are also systematic pest repellents that are more commonly used for large-scale infestations.

Colonies of roaches, spiders, ants, ticks, etc., are not as large as termites, so on-contact pest repellents are best for treating them.

Is it safe to spray home defense indoors?

You can apply it without any fear in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, attics, pantries, garages, basements, closets, storage areas.

As a precaution, before using it in the kitchen, remove any food item, utensils, etc. from the kitchen and do not allow children or pets to access the treated area until it dries after applying.

If you cannot remove the utensils, etc., clean them very well after the treatment.

Keep the following things in mind before using it indoors:

  1. You do not have to use it on electrical equipment at all, because of this the possibility of electrocution is very high. Although it is not flammable there is a possibility of electric shock.
  2. If you keep a bee, then it has to be specially kept away from the bees as they can die under its effect.
  3. You don’t have to spray it in the air or on animals.
  4. You also have to keep in mind that it has to be kept away from the contact of water supply.

How long does it take for indoor home defense to dry?

How quickly it will dry depends entirely on the temperature. It can take up to 24 hours in moist temperature but if the temperature is high then it also dries quickly.

A lot of people on Amazon also say that it dries in a few minutes. You can check Amazon reviews.

Is Ortho Home Defense safe for cars?

Many times the roaches and spiders get inside your car and believe me no natural remedies or baits ever work to get rid of them.

I also have faced the same issue when spiders were building their webs under the car seats.

I consulted this with Ortho customer care and they were like it is not registered for the exterior of the vehicle and it could potentially damage the paint or finish.

It could however be used inside the car for the carpet on the floor or trunk, but it is not recommended to use it on the seats, dashboards, exterior surfaces, or engine.

Here I would like to add that before even applying it on the carpet, make sure you test it on a smaller area first and check if it is not fading or staining.

How to Use Ortho Home Defense Max?

Here I will tell you a step-by-step process to apply ortho home defense max whether it is indoor or outdoor.


Step 1: First of all you need to remove the comfort wand sprayer from the holster and then pull the strip to activate the batteries.

Step 2: In this step, you need to unfold the extended reach comfort wand until it clicks into position.

Stp 3: Now you need to insert the hose connector into the spout on the cap. And twist the knob to ON and shake it well.

Stp 4: Now you have to turn the nozzle either for indoor or outdoor areas. And slide the trigger switch to unlock.

How to Use it for Indoor?

  • Make sure you keep the sprayer at a distance of 12 inches from the surface to be sprayed.
  • Apply a 4 inch wide band along the surfaces being treated.
  • You have to spray until the surface looks slightly wet and not soaking.

How to Use it for Outdoors?

  • For the outdoors also you have to keep the sprayer at a distance of 12 inches from the surface.
  • Here you have to apply a 12 inch wide band along the surface being treated.
  • Spray until slightly wet. Make sure you do not apply it in rain.
  • Once done, turn the nozzle to OFF and slide the trigger swith to lock.


So we are finally at the conclusion and as I promised you here, I will tell you whether this product is really worth your money or not?

By the way, if you have read Ortho Home Defense Max review completely, then you must have understood how much this product is worth.

The value it provides is much more than the price of this product. While many pest repellents only protect your home for a few days, Ortho Home Defense Max protects your home from spiders, roaches, ants, fleas, and many other home-invading insects for up to 12 months.

Not only this, it is made of odorless and stainless technology. I have only one complaint with this product that its auto sprayer does not work smoothly

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