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Tips to prepare for CA Final Exams for Nov 2023 Attempt?

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Chartered Accountant, CA, is one of the most prestigious professions in India and the world. The exam is conducted by ICAI in three levels- Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. CA Final Exams is the last level in the journey of becoming a CA, and preparing for it can be overwhelming as everything is new to you. It is one of the toughest exams to crack, but it does not mean you cannot beat it.

There is no alternative to dedication and hard work, but the strategy is also essential for preparing for the final exam. Students must focus on planning before they begin their exam preparation and follow it throughout preparation. Here in this blog, we share a few tips and strategies to crack the CA final level first. Let’s check. 

Tips To Clear the CA Final Exams in First Attempt

1. Create a practical timetable for the CA Final Exams

The first and most important thing to do to prepare for the exam is to create a CA final Exam Schedule, stick to it, and join the proper CA foundation classes.  One must prepare a timetable with a study time of around 12-14 hours, and it should be an effective study time. Make sure you stick to the CA final Exam Schedule and complete it at the end of the day daily. Also, include short breaks of 10-15 minutes after a study session of an hour.

2. Understand the syllabus and exam pattern-

Before you even begin preparing for the CA final papers, understand its syllabus. Read the syllabus, compare it, and conduct an analysis before you start preparing for the exam. Review sample papers and previous year’s papers! Doing both will help you understand the main topics and help you understand what to study, and what to skip. If you want to clear the final exam For CA on the first go, don’t skip this tip.

3. Ghost the virtual world-

It’s a distraction! If you seriously want to clear the CA Final Exams on the first attempt, then dump your smartphone, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever social media and internet thingy you do to pass the time. Humans tend to waste most of their time scrolling through the internet instead of focusing on important tasks. If you want to read news, get a good newspaper. Use the internet only to search topics related to studies. It is important to completely cut off distractions since the CA Final Exam Dates are approaching. 

4. Know the power of Handwritten notes for the CA Final Exam

When you write something, your mind can grasp some of it, and rereading it during revision can be remembered for a long time. So, when you begin your preparation for the CA final level, make notes every time for topics you are covering in that moment, especially when you are studying from multiple sources. They are also very useful for quick revision before exams.

5. Three revisions are the key-

Did anyone tell you the importance of three revisions before the CA final exams? Revisions help to increase recalling power, which is beneficial during exams. While preparing for the CA final level, try to finish the syllabus 02 months before exams and then focus on revision, targeting 03 revisions before the CA final exam date. After every revision, take most tests to analyze your performance, and cover weak topics thoroughly in the next revision. The more revisions, the merrier!

6. Take Mock tests for CA Final Exam

Self-evaluation helps to understand weaknesses. By solving mock tests, you can assess your knowledge and know the area in which you are lacking. It is the best way to know the level of your preparation for CA final exams. Analyze your performance after every test and focus on the topics you got wrong or skipped. Also, take mock tests of well-reputed institutes like VSI Jaipur, as their papers are designed by CA experts and after deep research.

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7. Don’t lose focus on theory subjects-

Many students focus more on problem-solving skills and skip the theoretical part of the syllabus. Every subject in the syllabus is important, and skipping theory will do no good. We understand they are lengthy and sometimes boring. But you have to prepare them from basics, ensuring you understand everything it is about. The best way to prepare for theory subjects is to write everything down while studying them and revise them at least twice a week.

8. A healthy lifestyle-

Preparing for the CA final exams is stressful. Have you ever heard the quote, “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”? With stress, you cannot manage your focus, no matter how hard you try. A healthy lifestyle helps to manage stress and improve concentration. Include a 20-30-minute yoga and meditation routine for daily tasks, eat healthy, get proper sleep, and drink plenty of water.’


These tips and strategies from experts were helpful to many students over the years who followed them consistently. Hard work is important, but following the right strategy for the CA final exams is equally important to clear it in the first attempt. Practicing these tips daily will help you throughout your CA journey.

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